The Crucible

The Crucible is a dwarven ruin scavenged of all riches and valuables by explorers. This ruin is currently inhabited by Kobolds since it’s dark and safe. In the ruins there is a large forge with gem slots probably used as an alter to a god named the Forger. In this ruin were many evil things like a were-wolf, Kobolds, and a demon of dark Chains with souls in every link. The ruin looked old and unkept even while being a home to other creatures. If anyone wished to venture in there, be careful for the traps on doors and other objects.

After the Group trips a security alarm near the Necromancer’s base of operations, and has to return to Boar’s End to save the city from an invasion of Zombies and Ghouls. The Group found traces of the Necromancer in The Crucible. When the Group set out for the Crucible they found it nearly deserted. ToughBark tracked multiple hordes of Zombies through the labyrinth of the Crucible until they found a Vault where the Group hasn’t explored. This vault seems long and guarded. At the entrance there is a deep pond that Ember sensed an undead presence in, however Spring did not detect any magic (which was peculiar). After Ember and Meander jumped in Blood red tentacles entangled them and attempted to drag their victims underwater. After a victim was under water the “head and body” would lash out and attempt to attack it’s meal. After defeating the new undead, the Group discovered it was nothing they have seen before since there were no traces of magic that Spring could detect but verified by Ember the foe was truly undead.

After long fights with hordes of normal walking dead (zombies), crazy fast feral zombies, and magically enhanced ghouls. The Group meets elite creations of the Necromancer’s: being a multi-bodied stitched creation that was slow moving but hit like a bitch. Then met an armored walking dead with enhanced spells making it stronger and more resilient to most of the Group’s attacks. We found that the Necromancer could cast spells through his creations and had a pit where victims would be used to make more. The Necromancer was a disciple to the specific cult of Whispering Tyrant, the Lich King, the most powerful king of undead who all worship an unnamed god. The Group got this information from a monk of Bone Spire, the god who protects the world from undead. This monk was trapped in a massive magic block of crystal, bound by the necromancer with a wraith to diminish his powers. The Group found him and set him free from the wraith. The monk gave the Group information that is vital to his destruction… One of which is the promise to destroy this Crucible to make sure no more necromancers come to seek the gateway to the prison Whispering Tyrant.

Places of Note

The Crucible

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