Silver Drum

The Group encountered an “acolyte” priest from Silver Drum on the way back from The Cold Marrow. The Priest was dressed all in white from his shoes, robes, gloves, and accessories. With him were a group ,about 6, of servants standing around the priest in a circle. The Group also concluded that Red might be from the same region of Silver Drum.

A few locals came across the same man and apparently tried to touch him. The priest saw this as an assault and “defended” himself by using a ritual that calls forth lightning. The lightning as directed hit many of the locals either killing them or knocking them out cold. The Group decided to escort the priest back to Boar’s End since they shared a common goal (to reach Boar’s End)but to also watch him and protect the local as Deputies should. Once the Group arrived to Boar’s End the priest and his disciples headed toward The Perch, where the rich folk are, and the Group headed towards the Mayor with news of what occurred.

The Group has continued their journey through Silverdum along a southern route around some mountains. There has been a reward for a group of Kobolds and their leader named DragonTamer. Who is said to ride one. The Group found this Kobold and killed him but still need to find the dragon (which is actually a wyvern).

Places of Note

Silver Drum

Boar's End GMania