Irongird is a poorer region that is “occupied” by the Red Empire. Their capital is Elusive. Meander is from a town called Later. There are rumors and sightings of undead giants made by a witch raiding local towns in the Eastern portion of Irongird.

There is a well known raised highway that runs through Irongird. It connects with roads to Elusive, Later, and Silver Drum. There has been sightings of bandits attacking travelers along the highway. Apparently if the travelers have goats in their possession, the bandits don’t attack. The Group was “attacked” by bandits, but because of the Wagon’s security system, one unidentified guy is dead and the rest ran off.

Another town of note is Staring Gallows. A town that had a prominent Imperial family living there. After being a tyrant, the townsfolk rose up and ran the Staring Hallows out, while hanging a few. Now the town is Staring Gallows.

Places of Note


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