BE Big World Map

This map does not represent common knowledge, but rather is a a sum total of the players view of our current area. So for instance, very few know what’s across the Inner Sea, but Frog passed that way to arrive at Allshine. So there’s a little bit of everything in there for every one.

1. Allshine, liberal republic broken away from the Red Empire
2. The Red Empire, totalitarian empire supposedly worshipping evil powers. Once spanned and controlled almost the entire world until their patron god, Arrow, died about 100 years ago putting the entire region into strife.
3. Irongird, vassal thrall to the Red Empire and rich due to trade routes through the mountains to the northern lands
4. Silver Drum, merchant state of miners and jewelers controlled by a merchant’s religious order
5. Tallwood, ancient colony of the Starwatchers and rival to the Red Empire
6. The Inner Sea
7. Abandon, the greatest city in the world. So named because it is the last remaining settlement of the Starwatchers.
8. Desert Lands, strange and exotic
9. Midnight, a land of perpetual night ruled by dark powers. Rival to the Red Empire
10. Honor’s Stand, a military state broken away from the Red Empire but not very stable
11. There be Elves here
12. The Misty Jungles and the exotic south

A. Darkwood Forest
B. Chitterwood Forest
C. Barkfel Forest
D. Black Forest
E. Duskwood Forest
F. Whisperwood Forest
G. Barrowwood Forest
H. Lake Elder
I. The Older Ocean
J. The Arcane Ocean
K. The Barrier Wall Mountains
L. The Five Kings Mountains
M. The Minotaur Mountains
N. The Arrowfel Mountains
O. The Mindspin Mountains
P. The Eye of Torrents


BE Big World Map

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