The Arch

Rumored to be Dwarven ruins and home of the Owls, elite warrior guards who employ magical protections. The Owls were dispatched to maintain order in Boar’s End during the Black Scour Taint.

The town of Arch is supposedly run by various factions and one must gain an invitation from one of the factions in order to gain admittance.

The town is rumored to be magically guarded, and to be somewhere deep in the forest.

Sandpiper, a representative of the Eagle, is from Arch and is the party’s current link to Arch.

The Eagle invited the Group to Arch. The Group met The Druid. The Arch has a council, the Compass, who makes decisions: North (Eagle), West (Engineer), South (Druid), East (Priest). Since We are sponsored by the Eagle and the group Seven Eyes will dislike us since they are politic rivals.

The Engineer’s name is 51 Silvers. Gaud White is a priest of Storm Fist. Torch’s White is the smith.

The Compass – Ruling Council in Arch

  • North – The Druid
  • East – Charging Galley, Priest of Wild Front
  • South – The Eagle
  • West – The Engineer (Fifty One Silvers)

The Engineer is the defacto Major of the town. The Twin Vision Priest is the judge. Politics is separated in Arcane and Divine.

The Towers

  • The Eagle
  • Council of the Seven Eyes – Mental Mages
  • The Slate Cover
  • The Engineer

The Temples

  • Wild Front – Charging Galley – Leader of the Priests
  • Crown -
  • Star Hymn – Wandering Gaze
  • Storm Fist – Galled White
  • Twin Vision
  • Open Hand – Between Two Streams and Three Steps Back
  • The Well – A powerful diviner who went insane when Arrow didn’t return.

Other Peoples

  • Blacksmith – Torches Light
  • Lexicographer – Chance Encounter

The Eagles Organization


Soldiers in the war with the Soul Reavers. They currently number 21.

Twisted Tower – A Northern Berserker and General of the Hawks
Thrice Notched Bow – Easterner from the Isle of Jewels and Leader of the Scouts


Guards who watch this side of the Arch to keep things secret and safe.



Errand Runners for the Eagle.


Places of Note

The Arch

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