Fallen Stargazer City

Scrying, Spying and Staying Hidden

Locating the Ruins

We might ask the local diviner, but no telling what we will get there. It is likely protected from scrying.

Meander went to talk to the diviner and came back with an imaginative set of directions.
We need to go to a dark land with a door guarded by shiny things.
Then turn north on an old trail. When we find three waterfalls, turn into the mountains.
Look for the dragons tooth and we will find the birds.
There will be a magic bird. And magical threads. Lots of birds and threads.
But that is where the valley is.

As far as direct observation, could Blossom’s hawk help us find it?
We might be able to find someone in Arch that could use the journals themselves to help pinpoint the location of the ruin. Since the journals likely were located in the ruins, someone who could read an object’s history might be able to find the ruins.

Scrying Protection

Our budding local darkness mage might be able to research ways to keep us hidden from scrying.
Or we could try to fool the scryier by using Eddy’s method and dress up as the ancients… that might be fun.


Now these guys might be able to provide us information on the trio.
How would we get information from them?
Should we try to research their culture while here in Arch?

Dangers on the way


Rain down on them from the wagon? No problem.

Giants/Trolls/Other Nasties
Difficult Travelling conditions

Do we need to make any modifications to the wagon for travelling in the mountains?
We might need to develop some additional powers for the wagon’s gadget pool. Possibly some sort of nagivational powers.

Dangers there


Sounds nasty.

Air Spirits

Probably invisible, definitely nasty. The last air spirit that we encountered was in the Cold Marrow and almost suffocated Meander.

Evil Monkeys

Brute force vs Brute force? What dangers could an evil monkey bring a warrior? They are obviously afraid of the “Giant Evil Beastie” and would cry at it and climb away into the towers.
How were they evil and did they attack her? Did they travel in groups? Is there any warning of their attacks? Is there anything special that differentiates them from normal monkeys?

There is a troop of them, but they can also be found in smaller groups. They are very rarely alone. They’re hostile but won’t immediately attack. The first time Eddy met them, she was able to throw her bread that she had brought as a snack and they took that and let her run away. After that, she avoided them with invisibility and illusions. One time the screech of a large bird that filled her with panic and fear made the troop run away and so she has also used an illusion of that sound to scare them away when there was no safe place to run and nothing better than her to throw at them. She also knows that they are intelligent enough to communicate because the first time she went out, Beckon hinted that “someone” had been seen roaming around the city and she could tell that he didn’t know for sure that was her and the monkeys were the only encounter she had had. When she denied it, he dismissed it saying “The beast will get them, we don’t have to worry about intruders here.” She took it as a warning rather than a dismissal.
She called them evil because they seemed much larger than the monkeys of her homeland, had nasty prominent claws and boney spikes on their backs and arms and were unusually threatening and hostile. All of the monkeys she’s known were vegetarians and not typically threatening to humans.
She’s not sure where they sleep, they seem to roam around the city. They probably get most of their food from outside the city and she has seen them occasionally perched on the walls.

Giant Wasps

Likely to be fast and in groups — with nasty poison. We would likely need ranged attacks. They are large enough to carry a man.
Is there any information on the Giant Wasps? Does she know where they live? Is there a hive? Did she eevr seem them attack anything? How were they trained? How did the trio communicate to them?

They were clearly trained by the Cloud King and he can control them without magic. He uses a silent whistle with sophisticated patterns to give different commands. There’s a landing platform near their nest which they would take off from. They have saddles for the wasps and ride them. Their nest is in a tall tower covered in leaves. When they approach the tower, they begin to fly out like approaching a beehive. The Masters had no fear of them and would simply call them down with the whistle. She’s seen them carry very large prey up to their nest.

The Giant Evil Beastie

No clue what this could be. Is there more information from the journals?

There is very little info on the beastie as Eddy tried to avoid it at all costs. She never saw “signs” of it like meals or spoor. The evil monkeys could sense it’s coming and would run from it, usually climbing up high among the towers and she would use their cries as a warning and run also. It does seem to have the run of the city and she suspects that it can get inside any of the buildings that are broken but the main, intact buildings are closed off and the Masters were safe there. There were sometimes when she never noticed its presense at all and so it was either in a completely different part of the city, or hiding from her (unlikely given her skill set).

Wind Tunnel Tower

There is a tower that makes sounds with the wind that is not immediately dangerous but Eddy had been warned against it by the Masters. When she investigated she noted a definitely foul smell, at first sweet and inviting until turning sour and vile upon getting closer. Most of the time it’s empty, but sometimes a presence is hiding within. She’s never actually gone in.

The Mists

The entire city is shrouded in mists at all times of the day and Eddy sensed that this was due to a subtle, and growing, wrongness about the city. The city held many mysteries as something had definitely happened besides just a fall and those secrets called to her and caused her to explore as much of the city as she could safely.

The Undead

Large groups of mindless undead

Can we deal with these in mass to preserve our energy?

Heavily armored undead

This caused us a problem. We had to rely upon lucky shots. How can we dispatch


Those nasties that aren’t effected by our weapons… Spring can effect them with Pure Magic and Blossom has a small spirit attack, but this doesn’t seem like enough. Oh yeah, Ember can hit them with his sword.

Invisible Undead

(Detect Life/Unlife, Detect Spirits) Are they invisible because they have no form — or because of some magic?


And all that fun stuff. I think Ember has all these covered, but what about a second?

The Coven Trio


Willful and Cruel…
Taught deception and illusion.

Beckon has been researching the control of air and air spirits in the city and he keeps his research very close to the vest. Eddy believes that the he is the one in control of the invisible spirits that patrol the passes into the valley and the city. She believes that they originated from the city and have a nest somewhere, but given their nature they are very hard to find and follow, even for Eddy. He often visits an ancient temple and crypt and Eddy senses another invisible spirit there, but of a different, and even more malignant sort. Eddy also knows that Beckon is not one to put all of his eggs in one basket and has contingency plans for almost anything, including attacks from his fellows.

Cloud King

Taught wizardry and the planes.

The Cloud King is in control of the Giant Wasps, which are definitely a major danger in the city. As a summoner, he’s also either summoned himself or more often took control over demons that are guarding the city. She knows of two near the front gate who are not tightly bound to their location and can roam quite far. She feels as though their bound commands have more to do with their “mission” than their location. She also knows of a demon in the Library that he keeps there to guard while he is away. It hides when he is there which actually acts a beacon for Eddy drawing her attention to it. The Cloud King is in charge of the Library and thus helps with all research with regards to that resource. He seems the most stable and least distracted, given that he spends all of his time reading and organizing ancient works.


Taught scrying and discovery.

He’s the most unstable of the group and so his research and contribution to the group is fairly simple. He would do divinations and scrying to find things that the others were looking for or otherwise help in their investigations. He was also trying to bind some very powerful elemental spirits that were very magical. Eddy got the sense that the others assumed that he would lose control and those same spirits would end up eating him. She also concluded that they were going to try to somehow “insert” this knowledge into the rival cult to create a disruption because they didn’t believe that the Cultists could control these spirits either. Eddy can also sense that Yearns manservant, Red Sand is not a man at all and probably one of these spirits. Yearns is also spear-heading the research into the controlling the beast, which he hasn’t managed to do yet. All of the Masters are working on this though. He’s also doing research on the city, it’s magic, it’s ability to fly and it’s history. He’s become obsessed with it and it’s intruding on his madness. It’s also making him the least dangerous of the three. As I mentioned, Yearns is usually in the Needle and Globe tower which looks like its namesake.


How do we keep going?

We had Wave in the Crucible to replenish our energy in a fight. What do we do in a tight spot? We might have waves and waves to deal with.

How do we deal with hidden traps? Or hidden magic?

Did she write about any traps placed or planned by the Trio? Were there any magics loose in the city that were dangerous, perhaps as remnants from the ancients?

Most of the “protections” around the city involve guardians of some sort. The Masters seemed to be trying to use the natural dangers of the city against any intruders. The only beast they haven’t managed to outright control so far is the strange beast that lurks the city, but there are undead, demons, evil spirits and beings in virtually every intact building that the Masters have fortified against the intrusions of nature. The ruined buildings, ruined during the fall of the city no doubt, seem empty and abandoned and even the plants seem to shun the city. I’ll detail some more of the guardians, such as the Giant Wasps or Monkeys and who seems to be controlling them when I write up the Masters. As for other “traps” there are two buildings that Eddy senses as “naturally dangerous” and she’s no fool. The building in the very center of the city, the tallest tower, has a great “purpose” about it that Eddy can sense but she also sensed great unrestrained power that would be dangerous to anyone who entered. A temple at the edge of the city just feels “Evil” as soon as you approach it, but she felt that the Divine Magic of the Goddess had some sort of synergy with the emanations and might help her deal with its danger. She was working on a spell to get past the aura of evil about it and be able to enter it but never finished it before she left. It’s clear from her writing that while curious and adventurous, she’s also very cautious,careful and plans moves out over several investigations. Hence, she doesn’t have a lot to report on the dangers of the city and she’s also alive to give lots of reports on the dangers of the city.

How do we deal with illusions?

Character Enhancements

Broken’s Golems

Some of the golems could use power defense.

Places of Note

Fallen Stargazer City

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