Boar's End

The Enemy of My Enemy

Wherein the heroes gain assistance from an unlikely source.

While the group discusses options whether to open the northern doors or go back and try another way, Song goes back over to the golem and begins humming and rubbing his hands against the Stone Man. Broken goes over to see what he is doing, taking the torch with him. The axe that Meander is carrying provides light for the remainder of the group.

Song is tracing his fingers along the lines of silver and gold that wrap the golem. He appears to be trying to figure out how the golem works. Broken points out the lines that need repair to Song. He stares at Broken with his wide eyes. He stares back at forth from Broken to the Stone Man several times. Then he squeaks. He continues his squeaking, changing the pitch until lines start to light up across the golem. He them starts to harmonize at those tones, lighting up even more lines on the golem. He appears to be trying to repair the golem.

During the discussion, Red tells them to be quiet. He hears lots of shapes moving beyond the north door. They seem to be converging towards the space beyond this door. He tells the group and asks Meander to come up and join him at the door.

Meander opens and closes the door in front of him. Through the opening, he can briefly see a melee between some ghouls and the Kobolds. One of the ghouls has pulled a Kobold into the room and was tearing him apart while the other Kobolds menace the ghouls with spears at the entryway.

There are more noises of combat beyond the door. Meander casually opens the door and walk quietly over to attack one of the ghouls. He stabs at one of the ghouls with his spear, but hits the ghoul’s hand.

In the room are four ghouls attacking a large group of Kobolds at a set of double doors. One ghoul is one the ground. On a stone table in the room is the ravaged Kobold.

ToughBark stays in the darkening hallway, watching for danger from behind. Red starts moving into the room.

One of the Kobolds throws something at the ghouls. It whirls like a hatchet but looks bladed like a dagger. It strikes one of the ghouls in the leg. An armored Kobold yanks a small chain afixed to the dagger and the ghoul falls to the ground.

The ghouls focus on the armored Kobold. He dodges one attack and his armor blocks a second. The third ghoul however gets up and grabs the leader and pulls him into the room.

Meander takes the opportunity and jabs at fallen ghoul, striking it in the chest. The spear tears into the dead flesh, but sees little reaction from the ghoul.

Red pulls out his stout rod and moves towards one of the ghouls. Broken leaves Song with the Stone Man and moves back towards the group.

The armored Kobold attempts to escape the grasp of the ghoul, but is not strong enough to break the grasp of the ghouls. The three ghouls rip the Kobold apart. The other ghoul gets up and turns to Meander, striking out with its jagged claws. Meander deftly avoids the attack.

Watching the Kobolds, they are fighting very defensively. They are definitely afraid of the ghouls. Meander jabs at the ghoul again, staying light on his feet to avoid attack. His spear pierces the ghoul’s chest again, but while ripping the flesh, they don’t seem to have much effect to the undead creature. The ghouls just don’t seem to care that they are damaged.

Broken rushes into the room and flinches from the sight of the fight. He gets ready to animate his torch to attack the ghouls. Red has maneuvered around to attack and swings his rod at one of the ghouls. His rod strikes the ghoul in the thigh, taking its leg out from under it and causing it to fall.

The ghoul attacking Meander closes and rips into his spear hand. Meander switches the spear into his off hand and swings the spear at the ghoul, but misses wildly.

Broken finishes casting his spell, animating the torch to belch a stream of fire at the ghoul attacking Meander. While weapons have been taking chunks of flesh off the ghouls to not much effect, when the ghoul catches on fire, it falls to the ground screaming in horror before collapsing in silence.

Broken hears a voice in his head, “I hear combat in a nearby area.” The golem has come back to consciousness. Song must have healed it. “I am feeling something attempting to open the door, but it is insufficient.” Broken instructs him to continue to hold the door.

Red looks at the ghoul that has fallen, uncertain whether it is truly dead. Meander urges him to leave it be and get the others. Red steps over the ghoul and attacks one of the Kobolds by the door, crushing its main hand with a decisive blow from the rod.

ToughBark, Kitten and Jabs move into the room. ToughBark nocks an arrow and unleashes it towards one of the Kobolds.

Fire erupts through the entryway, filling the area where the ghouls are standing. A blue Kobold had walked between two of the other Kobold, lifted up his hands can cackled as fire poured forth in a cone.

Red glances back to the group, “I think something is moving up the hallway behind us.”

Meander drops his spear and steps up to one of the other ghouls. He pulls out the small battle axe, much easier to wield with one hand. He swings at the ghoul and strikes the ghoul in the arm. Broken directs his torch to flame the ghoul in front of Meander, striking it in the stomach, engulfing the ghoul in a bout of flame.

Red worked his way around to the blue Kobold, striking him down to the ground with the rod.

The remaining ghoul attacks another Kobold. The small group of Kobolds turn on the ghoul and chop it apart.

Song walks into the ghouls’ room, moving towards the battle with hands out.

Meander stumbles over the dead bodies trying to get to one of the Kobolds. The Kobold easily dodges the clumsy axe swing. Broken steps up and send a bolt of fire at one of the Kobolds, which harmlessly strikes the far wall as the Kobold dodges out of the way.

Two of the Kobolds turn to attack Meander. Meander dodges out of the way of both attacks. Two Kobold javelin throwers are on the far side of the next room and target Red. Red dodges one of the javelins, but the second strikes him in the chest. As Red moves around a well to attack the javelin thrower, he is suddenly surrounded by enemies. They hit him multiple times, but all the attacks slide off his stony armor.

Meander sprints off through one of the Kobold guards, picking him up and smashing him against the wall. The Kobold slumps to the floor and the jolt of the impact reverberates through Meander, causing him to wince.

Broken, peering into the next room, can see a large well and a passage leading to the south. Based on what Red told them earlier, he thinks the passage south connects to the hallway the golem is guarding. He instructs the golem to open the door and start moving this way. Stone Man opens the door and moves through the hallway in total darkness. As he comes to a stop, several creatures start attacking him, but the sharp attacks are all deflected by his armor.

Red attacks the javelin thrower with his rod, focusing his attacks on this Kobold. The other Kobolds beat on Red, but only their best attacks seem to cause any damage. Two slight cuts make it through his tough armor.

ToughBark nocks another arrow and looses it at the Kobold standing in the doorway, striking it in the chest. The Kobold squeaks horribly and runs over to the well in the center of the room, jumping into a cauldron suspended over the well. It appears to be trying to get away.

Song has been humming tunes and singing the whole time he walked through the combat. He approaches Meander at the far wall, reaching for his wounded hand. Meander relents and lets him touch his hand as he starts to get out his whip. The wounds on his main hand close and it feels completely healed. Meander walks over to get a good view of the retreating Kobold and cracks the whip, wrapping up the Kobold’s arm. Meander yanks it out of the cauldron, causing it to slam against the corner and slump to the ground.

Red keeps swinging at the Kobold, but the Kobold dodges away. The four Kobolds all strike at Red, but only one attack penetrates his armor. ToughBark moves up into the doorway and targets a Kobold attacking Red. He lodges an arrow in the Kobold’s leg. Meander whips a different Kobold, swinging it around to smash it against the wall. Song starts singing a different tune, moving towards Meander again.

Stone Man starts attacking the darkness. The creatures manage to damage him, causing his energy pathways to short out. He shudders and sparks and deactivates again. The remaining Kobolds attack Red, but the blows bounce uselessly off the stone.

The whipped Kobold hops up and slips by Broken and ToughBark, leaping over the dead bodies to try to escape through the door. Kitten sweeps out with a log as it passes through the door, tripping the Kobold and causing it to fall flat on its face.

Song reaches out to Meander again, this time healing the acid damage. His burned and bleeding skin knits closed and the pain goes away leaving him feeling awesome.

Broken stabs his rapier between the fallen Kobold’s shoulders, stopping its escape.

Meander lashes out with his whip at the crippled kobold, wrapping around its chest. He hurls the kobold across the room, knocking it out.

Red finishes the remaining kobold with a blow from the rod.

Red spins around and looks down the hallway. He spots several kobolds coming up the southern passage. The first two stop and launch javelins at the group. One is harmlessly deflected off Red’s armor. The other slashes Meander’s main arm.

Song walks up and starts to sing a strident song. Meander approaches the four Kobolds with his whip. He attempts to grab the nearest Kobold but only manages to crack the whip harmlessly between them. Broken walks over until he can see the Kobolds, then directs his animated dagger at the group. Red approaches the lead Kobolds, attacking one of them, but the Kobold nimbly dodges.

The two Kobolds in the front attack Red, but yet again his armor holds off the attacks. The two Kobolds in the back throw javelins at Meander. He dodges out of the way of the first, but the second strikes him in the chest before he can move away.

Song’s strident tones morph into a light and cheerful tune filled with wild little trills and blurbs. The Kobolds begin to laugh and quickly double over the raucous laughter, dropping their spears. Every little thing that happens makes them only laugh the harder.

ToughBark looses an arrow one of the Kobolds, but it glances off the wall near one of their heads, causing more laughter. Meander walks over and swings his axe, chopping deep into the Kobold’s right leg. Red smites the Kobold in the chest, knocking it unconscious. Broken directs his dagger at the other lead Kobold, stabbing it in the stomach.

The two Kobolds in the back laugh hysterically about the smashing of their buddies, while Song keeps singing his shiny happy tune.

Meander steps over the Kobold and approaches one of the javelin throwers. He puts all his might into the blow and chops deep into the Kobold’s chest with the axe. Broken scratches lead Kobold in the shoulder with his flying dagger, causing him to cackle even harder. Red turns slightly and lifts the Kobold off the ground with a swing to the groin, killing it instantly. ToughBark looses an arrow at the lone remaining Kobold, disabling its left arm. The Kobold stops laughing, looks around and starts to run south away from the group. Meander leaps into a sprint and charges over to tackle the kobold. He flattens the Kobold and it falls unconscious.

The group looks back at the rooms, now that the threat seems to be over. The room with the ghouls had two large stone blocks in the center of the room. Hooks lined the side of the rooms with channels in the floor leading to drains. The channels and drains were long ago filled with debris. The room appears to have been a butchery. The ghouls had left the dead kobold on one of the blocks, with its spilled entrails draped obscenely over the edge. Double doors open to the south and east.

The southern room with the broken down golem is completely unadorned. The chamber contains six small stone blocks with well worn knee rests spaced regularly throughout. Hallways lead to the north and west.

The room between contains a ten foot diameter pit. A large chain leads through a complex pulley system before going into the depths below. The eastern side of the room reveals a rough tunnel. Double doors lead to the ghouls’ room to the west. A passage south leads to the golem.

The group spends some time looting the Kobolds. The warriors carried crude wooden javelins, a dagger and a sling. They wore leather armor. The elite Kobold had a dagger on a chain, a potion on its belt and armor that is re-enforced with metal bits. The blue Kobold had a club with runes carved into it. The crude writing was similar to the rune writings from above.

Song begins to sing a different tune. As he hums and sings, Broken’s dagger starts glowing. The club also starts glowing. An amulet that Red wears around his neck starts to glow. The small axe that Meander is carrying glows. And a previously unseen rat that is twitching in pain in the corner starts to glow. Meander puts the rat out of its misery. Broken and Red reveal to the group that Song’s singing is revealing magic. The group seems surprised to see Red’s rod does not glow.

Red examines the club more carefully. He explains that it looks like a child’s attempt to write Dwarven. As he thinks back to the combat, he heard the blue Kobold speak before casting his fire spell. It sounded like a twisted form of Dwarvish saying, “No like fire huh.” After studying the runes, the club looks like a magical storage device. The rat was probably a familiar.

The group turns to Kitten and Jabs. Did they come up through the well?

“We came through the tunnel. There is a horrible creature in there.”

After the group rest a bit, they hear banging like a blacksmith coming from the tunnel and steam blocks all sight.

The group prepares to heal up and explore the room and well before going through to the tunnel beyond.



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