Enemies of Note

So far Zombies are slow moving human looking creatures. they are made from dead creatures typically humans that are animated by dark forces to do the bidding of the creator. They have no pain receptors and take no stun from attacks. The Group has run into other types of zombies that move faster and can run towards victims. The Group also encountered a leader zombie that moves very fast to attack multiple times a round with a wickedly big axe, and can cannibalize a victim to heal itself. So far slicing weapons, and elemental damage do very well instead of pure magical energy from someone like Spring. Actually the most damage done to any zombies has been from Shock, an elementalist from the red robed priests.

After the final wave of zombies, the Group has time to analyze the foes at their feet. According to Ember, normal zombies don’t have the ability or power to turn the victims into other zombies. There were also Ghouls (Eaters), who even after being vanquished will return back to their abnormal state. The ghouls can turn victims into zombies.

The Group has found new types of zombies in the Vault of the Crucible: Bloody Bodied Zombies and Feral Zombies. Bloody Bodied are creepy zombies with massive blood red tentacles that act like sea creatures by swimming very quickly and smoothly and entangle/drown their victims. The Feral Zombies are mangled humanoid forms that are misshapen into dog like form where they are hunched over and run very fast on four legs/hands. they can also stand up and claw/rake at their victims until they need to reposition or move. Their main source of attack was to quickly flank victim, attack their feet, yank/trip to decrease space, and consume.


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