A riverboat captain for the local area. He lead multiple forays against the kobolds in the mountains. One old kobold named Split Tail developed a particular hatred for Temper. Years past, Temper killed Split Tail’s favorite son.

Temper was gravely hurt in a recent brazen attack by Split Tail. Split Tail and a group of kobolds ambushed the boat as it arrived at the docks. They were beaten back, however two kobolds managed to get away.

Temper was kept alive by the party. His wounds were stabilized and he was carried to Boar’s End for more treatment. He was delivered into the care of the local priestess, Lady Songbird .

Later the group revisited him at the temple. He still was not doing well. He was healed by the group, and told them about the moutains, the Crucible and the kobolds.

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