Mystery Man

The mystery man has been seen a few times in the Perch particularly at GavelGreed’s home. The Group can only assume that this man is PayDay’s replacement. He is a scary looking foreigner: wearing loose fitting clothes and a sleeveless vest, with scars and straggly beard with long matted hair with objects braided into it. He looks similar to a north man, but his clothes set his nationality off scale. One of the Group, Spring, actually got a good enough look at the mystery man and noticed he had magical items clearly on his person.

His name is Shark Fin, he goes by Fin. He is a rough man, and looks at everyone with the same attitude: you are fresh meat. He is often seen around town in red leathers and smoking a long pipe.

According to NoWin, Pay Day was at least afraid of two people, the sheriff and Greed. Fin is afraid of no one.

When the Hellknights came to Boar’s End, they identified Fin as a mage and he didn’t deny it. In fact he said “he would be harder to deal with than hey think”.

Mystery Man

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