Candlestick is a small town southeast of Boar’s End. The town s relatively small however the town is becoming more popular with new merchants looking to sell wares to upcoming adventurers.

Some of the shops include:
Maestro’s Magic (Magical and Mundane musical items. A few other magical products mostly dealing with sound in one way or another).
Tepid Transports (Everything having to do with transporting).
Timestep’s Library (A private collection of works on history and the arcane: 20sp per question or 100sp for the day unlimited use of the library).
Diamond’s Smithy (the smith claims to be able to make magical arms and armor, while it’s not clear if the armory really is magical, it’s clear that all of the items are of exceptional quality)
Wild Kingdom (A pet store specifically tailored to adventurers’ needs).
Divine Inspiration (A shop that specializes in religious goods and services).
The Brew Pot (the alchemist here can make any sort of elixirs, potions and brews).
Ruin Delver (A shop specifically marketing to adventurers who are going to look for Dwarven Ruins. They have maps, guides, histories, books, tools, gold-sniffing items, spelunking gear and various magic items).

Apparently Spring has been here before on his magical adventures, and has made some “friends” here in Candlestick. While going through Starlight’s diary we discovered a temple located in Candlestick. The temple is of Dawnflower, goddess of healing and the Sun. Which is one reason why undead are nowhere near Candlestick. However there is mention of wolves in her diary as if wolves live in Candlestick. Upon entry of Candlestick the Group was met by guards wielding silver weapons of all kinds and asked anyone who wish to enter to touch the blades with bare skin. If one refused they would meet arrows instead of merchants. As the group guessed Candlestick has seen its fair share of lycanthropes mostly Werewolves.

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