Boar's End

The Undead Kobold King

The heroes meet the new and improved Kobold King.

The heroes are spread out across the nexus of hallways. Three of the five Risen Knights stand, armed in mail, shield and sword of ancient design, held at the ready from long use, their hollow eyes balefully cast at the heroes.Their pose suggests a grim reluctance, yet they fight on at the cackling insistence of the voice of what must be the Kobold King.

Two stand in the center of the chamber, haggard and battered, blocked by Meander and Stone Man. Behind them, protected by the line of defense and considering what they can do against these heavily armored undead foes, are Spring, Pay Day, and Broken.

Across the chamber near the western hallway, an unscathed Knight approaches Tough Bark and the last Regulator, separating them from the others as they are pushed into the hallway. Ember stands behind the Regulator, pondering his actions.

Spring debates with himself about the effectiveness of his force bolt. He does know that he can handle casting a stronger spell, but he would have to take some time to study. Looking at the knights, he decides to gamble. Meander and Stone Man seem to have the two nearby Knights blocked anyway. He sits down near the wall and takes a tome out of his pack. He begins murmuring to himself while he slowly flips through the pages.

Meander hefts the glowing axe and swings at the Knight, low to get under the cover of his shield, and cuts into the Knight’s leg.

Broken, his skin covered in a thick bark-like scale, looks at the undead grip on their weapon, and discards trying to animate the weapons out of their hands. He had already determined that the knights are not effected by animating magic, so he can’t disrupt. He decides the best course of action would be to unleash his poltergeist. He begins to cast his spell.

Ember has determined that his known spells won’t effect the undead Knights.

… more to come …



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