Boar's End

The East Gate

Where the heroes find more and more and more Zombies.

Quick Links:
1. Bushwhacked
2. Beginning of Boar’s End
3. Shade Moss’s Shack
4. Scorpion’s Tail
5. Grung Knifetongue
6. The Old Man of the Woods
7. The Crucible
8. The One That Got Away
9. The New Deputies in Town
10. Betrayed at the Crucible
11. A Haunting in the Crucible
12. Two Down With Three to Go
13. The Enemy of My Enemy
14. Throw the Bones
15. The Demon Forge
16. Down the Hatch
17. An Act of Kindness
18. The Rescue Party
19. Rush for Hawler
20. The Return of the Children
21. Clearing the Crucible
22. Massacre at the Lumbercamp
23. The Kobold Interrogation
24. The Kobold Ambush
25. More Zombies
26. The Bug Master
27. Questioning the Black Carapace
28. Clearing of the Lumber Camp
29. The Two Hundred Silver
30. The Stargazer Ruins
31. Unexpected Help
32. More Peril Please
33. The Undead Kobold King
34. Pay Day
35. Murder in the City
36. Spring’s Report of Starlight’s Diary
37. Trip to Candlestick
38. A Broken Discovery
39. Trail of the Necromancer
40. The North Gate
41. The Northeast Gate
42. The East Gate

After the Deputies left the northeast gate in the hands of the guardsmen, they drove back off the road in the pre-dawn darkness, between some scraggly trees and a house outside the walls of town. In the distance to the south, they could hear the sounds of combat and men screaming in horror for help. The wagon, with its newly enhanced speed, crosses the field quickly. Within moments, they can see the eastern gate, and by the light of the fires, they see only a few guardsmen still standing. The guards are completely surrounded by Zombies, unable to retreat. In the eastern fields in the distance, more shambling forms approach the gate in darkness.

Most of the Zombies shamble and move awkwardly, but still move fast enough when they are close to living flesh. Their bodies are old, desiccated, and rotten and don’t move quite right. However, there were a couple in the last fight that seemed to move faster than a man. ToughBark launches an arrow at one of the Zombies surrounding the guardsmen, who easily dodges the arrow. It appears that there are several of these faster Zombies surrounding the remaining militiamen as well.

As the wagon approaches the gate, the group performs some last remaining preparations before engaging this huge group. Two of the militia men are on the ground, and a large group of Zombies kneel down and begin to feed on the fallen men. Ember approaches the fire, which Broken started for his Torch golem, and thrusts his arm into the fire. He grits his teeth and holds his arm in the fire. Flint looks wolfishly at Ember, but seeing Ember remove his arm unscathed, looks a mixture of disappointed and impressed. Ember rubs his arm for a moment, then thrusts it back in.

A larger Zombie approaches the militia men from back of the group. It cleaves a large, crude metal axe into one of the remaining militia men’s stomach, felling him to the ground. The two militia men strike out at the Zombies with their spears, holding a few of them at bay, but doing little to stem the tide around them.

Spring gathers magical arcane energy in his hands and as he releases it, forms a bubble of pure energy around him. ToughBark looses another error, striking one of the Zombies in the leg. It staggers a bit, but seems unfazed. Meander takes a moment while driving, and quickly casts a spell as well. Green lightning crawls over his skin and his muscles bulge. A crackling glow still surrounds him from his shield spell from the previous fight. Broken focuses his magic, channeling energy into Stone Man, refueling the golems energy reserves.

The large Zombie chops into another of the militia men, striking him in the chest. The guard staggers and is pulled down by the feeding Zombies. Tough Bark sights the large Zombie from his perch on top of the moving wagon and fires an arrow, striking him in the arm. The Zombie snarls, turning his head to glare at Tough Bark, before proceeding to go back to chopping at the stranded guards.

Broken takes out a battle axe, placing it in front of him. After chanting for a few moments, the axe leaps into the air and whirls through the air towards the group of Zombies, striking one in groin. The entrails begin to leak from the wound and the Zombie stops and falls.

Ember moves to the back of the wagon, ready to jump out of the wagon once it stops at the gate. The wagon narrowly misses two of the faster Zombies, as Meander slides it to a stop in front of the gate. Spring gathers more energy and directs it outward, forming a protective column of energy around the remaining militia man. Shock reaches down and touches one of the Zombies head, unleashing lightning which crackles through the Zombie. Ember leaps out of the back of the wagon, running around the back corner and hesitates, “Oh shit!”, seeing a large crowd of feeding Zombies. He looks for Stone Man or Meander, but sees they are still in the wagon and waits for them to join the fight. Stone Man charges off the wagon, crashing to the ground in front of the Big Zombie, bringing his sword down at the same time, slashing the Big Zombie’s hand. Ember takes the opportunity to lunge out and strikes one the Zombies high in the leg. Storm energy crackles around his sword, Sky Breaker, as it pierces the undead flesh. Flint conjures a fiery bolt and throws it at the Big Zombie, but it passes by it unharmed.

As they join the fighting at the gate, yelling can be heard to the southwest, beyond the perch. It sounds like guards on the southern side of town are defending against more Zombies. The Zombies at the gate stop feeding on the fallen militia men and stand up to fight the new defenders.

The Big Zombie glares narrowly at Stone Man for a moment, then turns to attack the magical wall around the remaining militia man. The man looks terrified, but he tries to position himself away from the wall. The Zombie’s axe looks strange. It has an odd handle, much like a metal pipe. The Zombie tries to position himself away from Stone Man’s giant sword, and can’t seem to make a good attack at the wall in the process. The other Zombies claw at Stone Man, but they don’t pierce through his stony armor.

Tough Bark scans the fields from atop the wagon. He sees a large group of Zombies approaching from the fields. He decides to whittle down their number before the approach to attack Ember. He takes aim and strikes the leading Zombie in the head. It staggers back for a moment, then continues onward.

One of the quick Zombies climbs out from under the front of the wagon and makes a grab at Meander. Meander easily avoids its groping claws. He stands on the wagons seat, takes a short leap over the low wall, and comes down with his battle axe, smashing into the Zombies shoulder.

Broken directs his flying battle axe towards the Zombie at the front of the wagon. It whirls through the air and slices open the Zombies’ midsection.

Ember strikes at the Zombie across the wall. Lightning crackles through the Zombie, causing it fall spasming on the ground. Ember glances around the battle field, seeing over half a dozen Zombies ahead, and just noticing the large pack approaching from behind.

The Big Zombie was watching Stone Man carefully. He had made some attacks at the magic wall. Finally finding an opening, he slams the axe through the wall, and crashes it into the militia man’s chest. The wall had deadened the blow, but the man still passed out from the pain. The Big Zombie growls something, and two of the Zombies turn immediately to eat the militia man.

Stone Man swings his great sword and strikes the Big Zombie’s offhand arm. The arm hangs limp at the Zombie’s side. It glares menacingly at Stone Man.

As the Zombies near the wagon, Broken touches the red gem in the wagon, activating the wagon’s defense system. The ropes along the side of the wagon begin to move.

One of the Zombies beside Meander manages to grab ahold of Meander, but with his enhanced strength, he easily breaks free of the Zombie’s grasp and pushes it back a few steps. Another quick Zombie comes from behind the Sitting Duck, to attack Meander from behind. Spring lets his shield fade from around him as he gathers arcane energy between his hands. He launches it at the Zombie trying to surprise Meander, and strikes it in the foot. Meander looks around, surrounded by Zombies, and decides to start swinging his axe in large arcs. He fells the first Zombie with a savage swing through its midsection and comes up through the arm of the second.

Tough Bark backs away from the back edge of the wagon, moving to the middle and freezes in indecision. Broken directs his axe to strike out at another Zombie, but cleaves into its left arm. He also directs the wagon to attack. The ropes lash out and wrap around two of the Zombies approaching from the field. It picks them up and slowly squeezes them against the side of the wagon. Tough Bark shakes it off and readies another arrow. He launches another arrow, lodging it in the Zombies skull.

The Big Zombie reaches down and picks up the militia man and takes a huge bite out of him. The Zombie’s left arm begins to knit back together and heal. He take another big bite before dropping the militia man, and the arm appears to be healed completely. Then he quickly strikes at Stone Man with his axe, striking his hand and causing Stone Man to drop his great sword. Meander yells out, “DAMN YOU!” and jumps past more zombies, standing over the fallen militia man and swinging out with his axe, but he barely misses the Big Zombie.

Broken guides his axe to attack one of the Zombies behind Meander. The axe buries into the chest of one of the Zombies, then whirls back out and back to Broken. He tells Stone Man to pick up the sword and attack offhanded. Stone Man bends down to pick up the sword and swing up quickly as he stands, but the Big Zombie bends nimbly out of the way.

Ember swings with Sky Breaker at the Zombie that rounded the wagon to attack him. He stabs out, but swings wide and misses as the Zombie lurches forward. It grabs Ember, pinning his arms. Spring conjures another wall of magical force, positioning it between the oncoming Zombies and Ember. It spans between the wagon and the low stone wall, however, the Zombie that has grabbed Ember is not blocked by the wall. Tough Bark targets the Zombie grabbing Ember, striking it in the head with an arrow. Ember breaks free as it falls to the ground.

The Big Zombie swings at Stone Man. Stone Man steps back, but the axe comes down onto his stone foot. One of the fast Zombies runs around the corner of the Sitting Duck and disappears. The bodies of the militia men begin to move underneath Meander and Stone Man. Meander looks down at the militia men at his feet and swings his axe through their rising forms. He cleaves a path through the chests of all three, but all continue to rise.

Broken doesn’t have a good line of sight at the militia men or the Big Zombie, so he turns to the Zombies at the back of the wagon. The animated battle axe circles back and cleaves into one of the approaching Zombies. Shock leans down to grab the Zombie climbing the back of the wagon and lights it up momentarily with electricity. Flint conjures a ball of flame and launches it at one of the Zombies behind the wagon.

The Big Zombie swings the axe around at Meander, but Meander manages to dodge the attack even with the Zombies moving underneath him. Meander looks at the axe. It doesn’t have a wooden handle, but instead a metal tube. It looks like a fairly heavy weapon, but the Zombie is wielding it one handed. The militia men begin to try to grab Meander and Stone Man. Another one gets up and approaches Ember. Ember jabs at the Zombie Militia Man with Sky Breaker, burying it in the Zombie’s chest. Stone Man takes a swing at the Big Zombie and narrowly misses with the huge sword.

The wagon grabs another Zombie, robes wrapping around and squeezing the un-life from the Zombie. Tough Bark takes a step back and takes aim at the Zombie climbing the wagon, piercing it in the head, but the Zombie stays attached to the wagon. Broken sends his axe at the Zombie and strikes it in the chest, causing it to fall off the wagon. Shock, seeing most of the Zombies behind the wagon taken out, leaps down off the wagon and tries to grab the Zombie, but misses.

One of the zombies approaches Ember, climbing halfway over the wall and groping out with its claws, but it can’t quite reach Ember. The Zombie Militia Man reaches for Ember, and he strikes out, slicing into its hand. Another Zombie tries to grab Meander, but he bats the attack away, and then swings through the thigh, arm, chest and head of four of the Zombies, felling one of the Zombie Militia Men and another Zombie.

The Big Zombie swings back and surprises Meander with a blow to the head. The axe sparks against the magical shield and Dwarven plate, and Meander’s head whips to the side from the force of the blow, but Meander straightens his head and glares at the Big Zombie, seemingly unharmed.

One of the fast Zombies backs up and starts screaming some kind of howling grunt, staring at Meander at the Big Zombie. The path between it and Meander are now clear of Zombies. Big Zombie looks back at the fast Zombie, then looks at Meander and snarls a grin. Spring sees the two making some sort of evil plan and conjures a force wall between Meander and the two scheming Zombies. As the wall springs up, the fast Zombie howls in rage. Meander sighs in relief, having time now to head with the remaining Zombie Militia Man at his feet.

The Big Zombie howls something back the other Zombie and then crashes his axe through the wall, causing it to dissipate, but misses Meander. Tough Bark readies an arrow and looses it at the fast Zombie in the back, staggering him with a arrow through the temple. Broken repositions himself on the wagon and launches his battle axe at the staggered Zombie. The blade embeds itself into the Zombie’s stomach before whirling back through the air towards Broken. Meander swings through the Zombie Militia man, chopping through its side and swings at Big Zombie, missing wildly.

Ember faces down the Zombie Militia Man from across the wall and swings again, but strikes the Zombie’s groping hand. The Zombie continues to try to grab Ember, but he manages to get the sword in between, blocking the attempt.

Stone Man swings upward with his great stone sword, catching the Big Zombie by surprise across the arm, leaving a massive cut. The Big Zombie sways and its eyes drift off unfocused.

Another militia man tries to grab Meander, but he quick steps away. The remaining guard stands up, zombified, hungry and ready to attack. Tough Bark aims at the guard, and strikes him in the head. Meander swings around and chops into the guard’s shoulder, felling him and then burying the Dwarven axe into the Big Zombie’s shoulder. The Big Zombie falls and becomes still.

Broken directs his axe at one of the Zombie Militia Men, chopping a large chunk from its thigh. It falls to the ground.

Spring exhausted, lets the other wall fade, as the group deals with the remaining several Zombies. Wave approaches Broken and casts a spell, touching his left arm. Broken jerks for a moment in surprise, then looks visibly refreshed.

Shock, having flubbed his last spell attempt, redoubles his efforts and crisps a nearby Zombie with electricity. Another Zombie steps up to Shock, but he ducks under its grasp.

Ember gets an opening and thrusts his sword, slicing into the stomach of the attacking Militia Man. electricity crackles from the wound and the Zombie falls. A Zombie approaches Ember from behind and grabs him around the chest. Ember struggles to get free, but can’t break the grip. Tough Bark aims at the Zombie and strikes him in the head, but it doesn’t break his grip on Ember. Ember does recoil in horror as a arrow pierces through the Zombies eye right in front of him.

“Which way did the fast Zombie go?”
“Behind the inn. Probably taking a dump back there.”

Shouts from the Perch, the walled part of town on the hill to the southwest, can be heard over the remaining battle. It sounds like the battle is now in earnest to the south side of town.

Stone Man swings around at one of the decrepit Zombies, striking a vicious gaping wound across its arm. One of the Zombies grabs Meander. He easily pushes free from the Zombies grasp. He rushes around Stone Man over to Ember and crushes the back of the Zombie’s head with the axe. The Zombie twitches and falls, releasing Ember.

Broken points at one of the few remaining Zombies and the battle axe chops deep into the Zombies lower midsection. Ember freed, swing around at another Zombie, slicing into the Zombie’s shoulder and the Zombie crackles with storm energy before it dies.

Meander says, “Let’s all get back to the wagon.”
Ember says, “There are two left standing.”
Meander answers, “The wagon will deal with them as we pass by.” Meander makes a savage swing at one of the remaining Zombies, partially severing its head, before running over to jump onto the driver’s seat of the wagon. The others from the group begin making their way onto and into the wagon. Broken calls his axe back to his hand and drops the spell, waiting for everyone to get back on before trying another spell.

Ember says, “There is one left!”
Meander says, “The wagon will get it.”
LIKE HELL!” Ember rushes over to the remaining Zombie, and stabs the Zombie in the belly, gravely wounding the Zombie. Unfazed, the Zombie gnashes its teeth at Ember and beings to slide down the length of the sword.

“I’ll finish him off,” says Flint. He conjures a ball of fire and lobs it at the Zombie, scorching the Zombie’s back. It stops moving and slides off to the ground.

Ember and Stone Man make their way to the wagon and get aboard. Looking at the scene, over two dozen dead zombies are strewn across the ground by the gate. All the guards at this gate had fallen to the zombies. No one is left to guard, but no more Zombies are visible moving out in the fields. Screams and yells can be heard from the southwest, along with the light of fires in the distance beyond the Perch.



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