Boar's End

Spring's report on Starlight's Diary

Starlight's Diary

Spring’s notes along with several passages from Starlight’s Diary.

After further study of the books taken from Starlight’s property, I realized that even though the books didn’t emanate a magical aura, they were still under the influence of some type of transformative magic.

Since there wasn’t a lingering magical aura, I was unable to determine the nature of the magic and could not cast a targeted counter-spell. However, I took a risk that could have destroyed the diaries and cast a powerful area dispel magic on the books and the books begin to transform. Slowly, a mixture of nonsense script with an image on it began to appear.

After this transformation was complete, a more discernable magical protection was evident and a clear course of countering the books defenses seemed complex but probable. Further work dispelling the magic revealed passages in the mostly forgotten tongue of my ancestors. As fortune would have it, I had studied the Ancient Golden language and could translate the passages with moderate effort.

The first of these passages are as follows:

I must use all of my resources to avoid being detected by them, so I can only give the minimum amount of protection for this record. I never spend the night in the same place, I am always on the move and I find myself always looking over my shoulder. They believe themselves betrayed, but it is I who was betrayed. Let be known that if it is you or your agents reading this, that your practices are foul beyond understanding and I write this in the hopes that should someone else find it, it will expose you to the light you so fear. Even if I have failed in this task, you shall find my shade not restless, but ever pursuant. The seas are getting rough. I shall write again later.

I continue to translate passages during our investigation of the murders at the Blacksmith’s shop. The next passage chronicles her arrival in East Watch, a major port city in the neighboring Red Empire according to Broken.

After arriving at East Watch, I was easily able to secure discrete lodging. The sheer number of secrets in this town is astonishing. I was able to coerce the dock master into hiding me, as I had my pick of despicable vices in which to exploit. I see layers upon layers of influence here that leads me to believe that these people are being driven to such foulness by some higher force but the subtlety is masterful. Nevertheless, my mission takes me to the next kingdom and I haven’t the time to ferret it out. I’ll be glad to be gone from this foul place. I see the goddess is unmerciful in her charge and she will drive me through every human sewer to see it done. I must be strong. I’m sure the dock master will be able to secure me another boat to Allshine.

Realizing that Starlight was planning on securing transport to Allshine by boat and that an additional overland journey would be required to get to Boar’s End, I decided to skip ahead to see if I could find some mention of Boar’s End. The last entry of the diary is as follow:

I have heard of a nearby place called Arch where powerful protectors live. The people here say that their soldiers are magically powerful warriors who can take on whole armies of goblins single-handily. So I traveled today along the north road to see if I can find this place and I was surprised to find my way barred by powerful magic. It seems the truth of these stories are revealed. But already I think I see a way through. These soldiers must not be wizards themselves but aided by powerful masters because a key exists that will let one through the mists. Though I do not possess such a key, I believe that I could convince the mists otherwise. It will take some time in the woods studying the mists. I’m leaving my diary here while I camp in the wilds.

Hmmm… Curious. I wonder about this “key” she mentions. Maybe it has some magical properties that I could study. And I will have to investigate this powerful magic she found barring her way to the north. I wonder if the things she is describing are related to the gathering we came across on the way back to Boar’s End after dispatching the Kobold King. Starlight’s diary entries provide more questions than answers. I will translate some of the previous entries to see if I can figure out more about what she is doing.

I have find more time to translate. This is the second to last entry in the diary:

I have arrived in Boar’s End at the edge of wilderness. I’ve spent the morning learning the way of this small town and wilderness beyond. I’ve already eliminated one false lead, though I know the darkness is nearby. The necromancer here is an amateur in his arts and his goals are merely selfish and obsessed. The dead ones I seek have a much stronger power worthy of the dark lord they follow. I worry about this village as I detect so many forces pulling it every way. If I cannot find the source of the undead here, I fear that the other challenges facing this place will keep it from being able to defend itself when the dead finally seek the living.

I see that the enemies of my enemies are here and that worries me. I had thought that they were further west and north and this means that their influence is spreading faster than my wretched brethren thought. If they have detected my presence, then I may be done before I have begun, for all of my effort was to stay shielded from the scrying eyes of my former masters and not from the simple gazes of their enemies. If I can stay hidden, maybe I can make them my unwitting protectors as they would surely attack any of the Coven’s agents should they show themselves openly.

I am working my way backwards through the diary. This is the third to last entry. It looks like it was written on her journey from Allshine to Boar’s End:

The land is harsh and wild and I do not envy its people. There is a type of corruption here that is faint and deeply rooted and I think the land fights back. Certainly this vast Lumber enterprise is doing great harm to the natural energies of the land, a land already wild and unstable. I see the signs of the earthquakes everywhere and while they are beautiful, the power they imply is a little frightening. The dragon sighting still has me shaking when I think of it. There’s been no verified sightings that I know of in my lifetime and while the people here say that dragons are a part of their history for as long as people have told stories, actually seeing one was as much a surprise to them as it was to a southern-born like me. I wonder where it was going and from whence it came.

This last entry is fourth from the last in the diary and is probably the last relevant entry to be translated.

I have arrived in Candlestick and already I do not sense the taint of the undead here. The darkness I seek is further north, but I feel like I am close. It is no wonder that the dead have not found a clutch here, for the Light from the Temple is unwavering in its strength and its protection. It makes me a little homesick to see a Temple so common in the southern sands that I traveled. I went inside and it’s beautiful even in this backwards place. Even though it is the opposite of my nature, can I not still appreciate its virtues? It’s no wonder that this town’s demons assault it so, for the foe Candlestick faces does not fear the Light, though they do not travel in it. It is the Silver of the Moon that truly protects this town night after night, though they do not even appreciate what worse things could be lurking below the graves if it were not for this Temple. So am I off to trade the wolves of Arrowfell for the Boar’s of Darkwood.

As I skim through the remaining passage, it seems to mostly be a chronicle of the three week long trip from the shores of Emperor’s City to the lumberforges of Treehaven and then on to Candlestick. I think that any relevant info is contained in the translated passages above.


ToughBark mentioned the mists in the woods. He said there wasn’t just one place or in a line where the mists were present, but they were always in the north, close to the territory where the lumber camp massacre took place.

He said the scouts all avoided the mists, as one could get lost there easily. You didn’t explore the mists alone, because it was so easy to get turned around and lose your way. It was easier with a group, but still difficult.


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