Boar's End


Wherein a midnight visitor disturbs the heroes’ rest in what would otherwise seem a perfectly safe location in the Darkwoods.

After pillaging through the contents of the witch’s shack, Meander complains about his numerous wounds and wants to stay the night at the shack, to avoid spending the night out in the forest, and any encounters on the way out of the forest. Toughbark is hesitant about spending the night in the forest, but everyone else agrees to stay in the hut. Frog takes some time and uses his healing magic to completely remove the wound on Meander’s arm and one of the wounds on his stomach. His other wounds looked much better but were still significant. Broken spent the evening trying to explain to the Stone Man how to shape some metal parts out of the cauldron, but the final result was a flat sheet of metal.

Broken instructs the Stone Man to guard the door for the night, telling him to pound on the door should he see or hear any intruders. The party find various places around the hut to bed down for the night. Broken insists on taking the bed. They stoke up the fire and turn in for the night.

During the night, Broken wakes to a scratching on the thatch roof. The dying fire gives off a soft glow, illuminating a portion of the room. He looks over into the shadows by the door at the Stone Man, which is also staring at the rood. Something is shuffling around on the roof. Shortly afterwards a sharp, cracking sound came from the roof. The Stone Man turned to the door and began to thump the door.

Broken sit up and starts screaming. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Something is here. We are all in trouble!” Frog jumps up, totally awake and alert. Meander sits up, somewhat groggy but awake. He hears sniffing sounds coming from the roof. Horse-sized sniffing sounds.

Meander walks over to wake up Toughbark. He shakes him and tells him, “There is something the size of a horse on the roof.” Toughbark looks startled. Meander repeats, “There is something on the roof trying to get in the hut, and it’s big.”

Broken tells the Stone Man to get to the middle of the hut and prepare to attack anything that enters the hut that is not us four. Then he start casting a spell.

Frog attempts to detect spirits. Shortly afterwards, he announces, “There is a spiritual presence outside.”

The creature begins to claw into the thatched roof, trying to work it’s way in. Frog gets out his drums and waits for the right moment to start playing. Meander looks about for something to poke through the roof, spots and retrieves a broom. Broken finishes his spell, gesturing toward the fire and commanding it to attack the spirit outside. The fire bulges and builds in brightness, illuminating most of the room. A tendril of fire arches through the air, creating a small hole in the ceiling. Scuffling noises drift down from the roof.

Meander stabs the broom through the roof, making a hole and connects with something very solid. There is a fluttering and a shuffling noise. He then listens and moves to another spot where he thinks the creature moved.

Frog waits with some impatience, eager to play the drums and bolster the groups spirits.

Broken commands the fire again. A tentacle of fire errupts forth from the fire and bursts through the roof.

Startlingly, a giant scorpion-like tail rips through the ceiling and strikes the ground where Meander was previously standing. The stinger the size of a mans head retracts back through the roof almost as quickly as it struck. At the intrusion of the tail, the Stone Man moves into action. He moves over to the hole created by the ScorpionTail and strikes upward with his giant great sword, making a new hole in the roof.

Frog takes this as a sign and begins playing the drums, trying to boost Stone Man, Meander, Toughbark and Broken’s strength. The group bulges with newfound strength. Meander strikes again with the broom, hitting something solid and then darting aside to avoid the stinger. Broken shoots another tendril from the fire through one of the now numerous holes in the roof, singeing the thatch.

The Stone Man strikes again with the great sword. There is a screeching, howling yell from the roof the creature comes crashing down through the thatch. A large, serpentine, blue, lizardlike creature picks itself up off the floor. It stretches its wings and arches its nasty long scorpion-like tail to strike. It is obviously a dragon from tales and legends.

Frog doesn’t skip a note and continues to play his rousing beat. Meander, somewhat startled by ScorpionTail, moves around to position the Stone Man between himself and the dragon. He readies and throws his dagger at the dragon, harmlessly bouncing off its thick scales.

The dragon looks around with its beaked head and with blinding speed, thrusts the scorpion tail into core of the Stone Man. Flashes of light errupt from the core of the Stone Man and a green icky liquid seeps from the scorpion stinger as it retracts.

After seeing the poison dripping from the tail, Frog wisely backs away from the creature against the wall of the shack, but he continues playing his drum of ferocity. Meander looks about for something else to use against ScorpionTail, picks up a barrel and throws it at the dragon. It smashes into the dragon’s stomach. The dragon slumps to the ground and goes unconscious.

Broken channels more energy into the fire, blasting the dragon with fire, but it does nothing against the fire-hardened dragon scales. He orders the Stone Man to chop the dragon’s head off, but the Stone Man’s blow went wide and glanced off the scales.

Meander walks over the the dragon and kicks it in the head in an attempt to keep ScorpionTail unconscious. Broken releases his fire spell, and moves over to take the rope from Meanders pack. Broken also instructs the Stone Man to carefully decapitate the dragon. It poises the giant sword over the dragons neck, and in a single blow sweeps clean the head.

Frog finishes a last few notes on the drums and lets silence decend upon the shack. The shack is in complete disarray. There is a huge hole in the roof from the dragon. The shack will provide no real shelter in the future without repair. Meander puts out various fires in the remains of the roof.
The group looks over a ToughBark, who had been cowering throughout the fight.

Broken proceeds to try to harvest the stinger, chopping the whole stinger off and placing it in a clay pot. Meander starts trying to skin enough dragon hide to make some armor when they return to town.

So much for a quiet nights rest in the forest.



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