Boar's End

Questioning the Black Carapace

Wherein the heroes find out about an old ‘friend’.

The group question the Bug Master. Red uses his knowledge of the Dwarven language to pick apart most of what the Black Carapace says. He claims the Kobold King has averted death and raised as army of undead. The King directed him to lay traps to get your attention. The King is waiting for us and is ready. When questioned about the silver and treasure, he mentioned a chest in one of the buildings to the south.

Ember spends time alternating between burning himself with a torch, and healing the survivors. Only one Regulator survived the trap, but everyone else survived, including the lumberjack who was tied to the tower. There were lots of wounds to heal, including multiple burn wounds on Tough Bark from lightning.

Everyone takes some time to catch their breath, and the group stores any extra energy into devices for later use. After some time, they realize that the Black Carapace has wiggled free enough to start trying to cast a spell. Meander rushes over to him and grapples him, trapping his arms and preventing the spell. While Meander holds the Bug Master, the zombie bite mark on Meander’s face fades and appears on the Bug Master.

Broken and Meander start talking about this power, and Meander’s power in general. Broken suggests an experiment, which of course Meander is willing. Meander grabs both the Bug Master and Broken. He focuses on transferring Broken’s weakness to the Bug Master. Meander seems unable to get the magical energies to flow, as there seems to be no void to fill. He tries harder and suddenly power begins to flow, but this time it is Broken’s magical ability. Meander grasp becomes a rigid vice and his eyes roll back into his head. Broken tries with all his might to break free, but he has never met someone as strong as Meander. His old tricks don’t appear to help break him free. After a few moments pass, Meander shakes off spell and releases Broken, who throws a royal tirade about his stolen powers.

After a few moments rest, Meander grabs the Bug Master again and begins to drain his magic. He can tell that the Bug Master had gotten all his magic back and was trying to call for animal help. The Bug Master curses and spits, but can’t break free.

After a short time, Ember gives a rousing speech, urging the group to rid the camp of the undead menace. The group decides to go room to room and make sure the camp is safe.



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