Boar's End

More Zombies

Wherein the battle against the bug worshipping Kobolds are joined by more enemies.

As Red stands, he says to Meander, “Do you need any help?”

Meander is wrapped around the green scaled Kobold, restraining him tightly. Meander’s eyes are blank and glassy, and his muscles bulge as he continues to hold the Kobold in a death grip. There is some kind of bizarre mist flowing out of the Kobold and flowing into Meander. The Kobold struggles under Meander’s grasp, but can’t seem to break free. Meander does not appear to even be aware that Red has spoken.

Red says, “Ok Meander, don’t fuck this up.” Red begins to move off across the courtyard to help Ember.

The bulk of the ruins of the tower are still shrouded in mists. Under one of the beams of the tower, completely covered in blinding mist, Ember has given up struggling to get free and listens to the action around him, effectively hidden. Moments ago, he heard PayDay grumble something at Broken, and the thundering steps of the golem pass nearby to stop behind him. The creak of a door being opened behind him was followed by the moaning sounds which could only be the Zombie Kobolds. And they are getting louder.

Outside the mists, near the ruins of the destroyed log tower, Stone Man stands in front of the recently opened double doors to a large stacked log building. A group of Zombie Kobolds begin to move toward the entrance. Pay Day is cursing Broken and the golem several feet away while Broken begins to direct some magically animated shadows to attack the Zombies. Pay Day moves over and drags the hanging lumberjack away from the battle, and lets Broken and Stone Man deal with the Zombies.

On the other side of the mists, ToughBark gets up and begins to look around for the group. Smoke still curls around him from the lightning strikes as he begins to pick his way around the mists and the ruins of the tower.

Running out of energy, Meander lets his body returns to normal quickness, but still maintains the death grip on the Kobold. However, the distraction breaks him out of his trance. The magical mists stop flowing from the Kobold. After some brief struggling, Meander slips back into his trance, while continuing to hold the Kobold. The mists begin again to flow out of the Kobold.

Stone Man steps up and swings his giant sword, cutting through the midsection of the first Zombie. The other Zombies step over the fallen Zombie and begin to crowd the door. They hit Stone Man with their clawed hands, but none seem to effect the hard stone golem.

Broken directs another shadow volley at a Zombie, but the attack goes wide.

Ember can hear fighting, 10 to 15 feet behind him. He sheaths his dagger and begins to heave against the heavy logs.

Red strafes around the edge of the mists, gaining his first glimpses of the other side of the combat. The bugs are making a tremendous racket, but he thinks he can feel some moving from inside the mists.
As Red passes by, Broken asks, “What are you doing?”
“I donno”
“Ember is trapped in there.”
“Well, into the middle I go.”

The Kobold almost wriggles free from Meander’s grasp. Meander decides to start squeezing him, but doesn’t appear to get any damage through the Kobold mage’s thick wooden skin.

Stone Man prepares to swing at all the Zombies, but swings just out of reach.

Ember struggles against the log, pushing against the log. “Son of bitch. Shit.”

Red moves through the mists. There is definitely some kind of critter struggling in the mists. He approaches the struggling creature and hears the curses from Ember. “Don’t smite me, it’s Red.” Red pulls on the log, but can’t seem to get it to budge.

Pay Day has moved the lumberjack to safety and has moved back over behind Stone Man. As he waits for the Zombies to creep past Stone Man, he turns to Broken and says, “Maybe I should open those doors next to you so we can do some more.”
Broken answers, “You said control the doors, I did by putting Stone Man in the way.You really want to do something, go pulled Ember from the logs.”

The Kobold has stopped trying to break completely free and has just started trying to wiggle something loose. Meander is really feeling exhausted by the strain of maintaining the hold, and is struggling with ways to take the Kobold mage out quickly. He shifts the Kobold around to hold it with one hand and takes a swing at the Kobold’s head. The Kobold manages to struggle around and Meander strikes the Kobold’s woody arm instead.

Broken pulls out a tiny stick-like creature. He slides something into it quickly, channeling magic into the stick. It immediately burst into flame. Tiny arms and legs unfold and the creature stands in front of Broken. Broken points to the mists and the creature beams brightly as it begins to walk slowly toward the mists.

Ember groans to Red, “Help me get this off me.”
Red replies, “Hey, I tried last time.”
Ember waits until he can feel Red attempt to lift and then pushes with all his might. The log starts to shift as Red begins to lift the log.

ToughBark finally skirted around the mists to be able to sight one of the Zombies. He readied an arrow and loosed it, striking a Zombie in the doorway in the shoulder.

Stone Man again makes an awkward sweeping attack and misses the Zombies in the doorway, however, he blocks enough of the doorway keeping them from escaping the building.

The Kobold wriggles an arm loose from Meander’s one handed grip. The Kobold only has a moment to celebrate, as Meander grabs it again with both hands, going back into the rigid trance.

Broken directs the shadows again, and blackness streaks towards the Zombie, striking it in the chest.

Ember waits a moment to Red to start, and then pushes again. Pay Day has moved over quietly and also helps. With the three working on the log, they finally get the log moved off Ember.

The Kobold Mage tries to wriggle free from Meanders grip again, but Meander keeps him wrapped up. Meander stays in his trance and the mists keep flowing into him from the Kobold.

ToughBark readies another arrow and looses it at a Zombie. The arrow strikes it in the lower midsection and it falls, giving the Zombies more difficulties to get through the door.

Stone Man makes a third attempt at a sweeping blow, making a low blow on the first Zombie, but cutting up through the midsection of the second, killing another Zombie.

Broken moves up closer to the door and waits for an opening, uncertain as to what to do next.

Ember feels around him as he gets to his knees. Feeling the logs and broken ground, he begins crawling away from the combat.
Red asks Ember, “How do you feel about being pulled out?”
Ember exclaims, “Get me the fuck where I can see!”
Red reaches down and begins to drag Ember toward the edge of the mists.

The Kobold struggles, but Meander keeps him held tight. Meander grabs his whip to start tying the Kobold up, but has to let go of the Kobold briefly. The Kobold tries to get away, but Meander quickly lashes out and ties up the Kobold.

Broken, thinking the Zombies are done for, starts running to help Meander.

Red continues to drag Ember towards the edge of the mists. Ember, clearing the mists finally, looks around while asking Red, “Ok. What now? What’s going on?”
“Well, Meander is fighting to the north. The golem is attacking things east. What do you want to do?”
“Find some place to heal, but I imagine now is not the time.”
“Well, if you want to heal yourself, this is the place to do it.”
“Well, ok.”

Ember begins to move his hands around his body, glowing with a chaotic light. He starts trying to manipulate the patterns of light. Quickly, the lights around Ember begin to dance wildly, going out of control, as Ember begins to wince in pain.

Red steps back into the wall of mists, disappearing from sight, just as ToughBark nails another Zombie in the chest with an arrow. Stone Man swings his great sword around, still trying to hit all the Zombies but somehow managing to miss them all.

The torch golem stops mysteriously at the edge of the mists, and waits, burning slowly.

The Kobold bug master calls Meander something nasty, and begins making a weird cattering noise once tied up. Meander, taking slight offense at the unknown insult, rips off a piece of cloth and shoves it in the Kobold’s mouth.

Broken runs up and begins to thrusts both his weapons at the Kobold. Meander screams at Broken to stop, which throws off Broken’s attention and misses wildly.
“What are you doing!”
“In my defense, I was running. Fencing is not a running and stabbing art. It is a finesseā€¦ a gentlemen’s art. unlike oxdrivers…”
“and gentlemen go about stabbing the helpless that are tied up.”
“Well! Unlike you! who tied a sock in his mouth!”
“when this guy might give us information about what’s going on here.”
“how do we know he won’t cast when he tries to talk?”
“Just give me a minute and I’ll fix that.”
“Well, let me cut off his ear or something.”
“If you kill him you’ll never find out what happened to your silver.”
“That won’t kill him!”

As Broken and Meander argue, a group of spiders pour out of the chimney of the building next to them. They rush down the walls to help the bug master, nearly surrounding Broken and Meander.



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