Boar's End

More Starlight's Diary

Starlight's Diary

More diaries of Starlight’s were found in a guest room in Arch.

First Entry

These books are written by a girl named Unending Eddies (or Eddy) and is half chronicle, half expose of a group known as the Coven of the Eyeless.

Eddy has always had this deep connection with things hidden. Not only could she feel secrets and see through lies, but she always had a sense of old lost places, long forgotten. She was a strange girl and speaks of her childhood with rarity and melancholy.

She does detail her ability to sense Secrets and its impact on this story. She could always feel them. Their age, who they belonged to, whether they were shameful lies or innocently lost facts. Any information that is hidden floated around her, ever out of grasp, waiting to be known again. It did not take long for this to cause those around her to fear her. She knew things she should not. As she grew older, she found out the source of her power, a goddess named Fathomless Deep, Goddess of Deep Waters, Dark Depths and Lost Secrets. Eddy is the daughter of Fathomless Deep and has her connection to things lost or things hidden. Knowledge is power, both the ability to conceal it and the ability to find it. Fathomless Deep contacted Eddy and taught her how to hold back what she finds out, to use it and exploit it. To put away things best left unseen and to bring to light things that need to be known. But it was too late, as the damage was done and Eddy was not welcome in her tribe in the godless deserts of the Restless Lands.

Fathomless Deep began to guide her, pointing her to secrets that revealed the Goddess’ works and goals and she began her trek to the coast. There she was approached by a stranger who she would eventually know as Beckon.

Second Entry

Beckon the Unseen came to her in the markets of Volcanic, the capital of the Restless Lands. He sensed her power and approached her to recruit her to his own group of powerful men all dedicated to the virtuous pursuit of uncovering lost and hidden secrets that deserve to be brought to light. He convinced her that she had unbelievable power and that he had been sent by the Goddess to guide her and he could teach her all that she needs to know to do the Goddess’ work.

Beckon was the first person that she could not “read” and he just smiled and said that those who master secrets learn first how to hide their own. He took her from the Godless deserts of the Restless Lands where she lived as a simple tribesman to the southern Mindspin Mountains. During their time at sea, he taught her the basics of magic which not only gave her additional powers but helped her to vastly focus her own innate channeling of the Goddess. She learned Divination, Illusion, Shadow Magic and Water Magic. Beckon made no immediate reference of his own magical abilities, saying only that they were very different from hers and that she should concentrate on focusing the Goddess first and then she can branch out into other areas. It was clear to her that he also had a mastery of Divination and some other Black Art but never showed her these directly.

As they crossed through the unsettling kingdom of Midnight and then over the dangerous passes of the Mindspin mountains, they faced horrors that she, at the time, could not fathom, but Beckon could easily kill anything that he could not simply avoid. He had a knack for being able to pass unnoticed, but occasionally the wild beasts would prove more perceptive than clever and he would slay them with foul magics. Eddy’s first clue that Beckon was not a savior or mentor was when he delighted in cursing a band of orcs who they could have easily bypassed. Even though he was cool and calm, she sensed his joy in the cruel act – his first secret revealed in a moment of distraction.

Third Entry

They came through a hidden valley high in the mountains in a part completely uncivilized by man. There were fierce creatures in the valley that Eddy had never seen but most Beckon could actually control, as though they were guardians he had placed there. There were creatures that looked dead but moved as though living, there were shadows that stalked and spied and there were also invisible beings who Eddy could only detect with her ability to sense the hidden. Also there was a tribe of lizardmen who, while definitely not friendly to Beckon, seemed to know and fear him and they required no magic to keep them away. Eddy noticed that Beckon nervously applied a few safeguards anyway.

In that valley, they came to a ruined city unlike any she had seen. Beckon told her that the city once belonged to a powerful race of mages who lived out on the open ocean and that this city once flew and floated above all the world. A horrible catastrophe ended their reign on the world and the city fell here. The mages here had tried in a panic to get any magic they could find to keep the city afloat, but it was all in vain and what they tried actually made things worse.

At the time, Eddy did not believe the stories even though the city’s destruction did look a lot like a fall from the sky. Beckon said that he and his colleagues had come to this place ten years ago in order to “stall some friends”. Eddy could not read Beckon but she didn’t need to, to sense that there was a hidden meaning to this statement.

Fourth Entry

In the fantasy city, she met the other members of the Coven, a twisted loon called Yearns for More and an arrogant bastard who insisted on being called the Cloud King. Eddy began to sense that all of these names were aliases. She also had the realization that even though these men used powerful magic to hide their secrets that the longer she was around them, the more she could sense. Eventually, she would know more than they wanted her to.

Each of the Coven taught her about her power. Yearns was a master of scrying and discovery and no doubt his unbelievable talents were the only reason why the others tolerated his insanity. Through his lessons, Eddy learned how to hone her innate ability to sense secrets and hidden things and it seemed that it was this ability that the three Masters were most interested in. She also learned other forms of divination and scrying and how to pierce the veils that other spells put up to block such powers. She learned more than just spells from her masters, she also learned their art of deception and the first thing that she did was to not let on how powerful her ability was becoming. By playing the slow student, she was learning much more that the Masters did not want her to see.

While working with Yearns, Eddy learned how to fool him, by giving him something that, in his madness, he wished to see. Yearns, as his name implied, wanted a world of long ago where the cities still flew and dragons still roamed. Eddy found that she could escape his notice and explore the city by disguising herself as one of its long lost citizens. The fact that they had all died out millennia ago never seemed to occur to him.


By this point, more becomes clear about Eddy’s character. Since she has had the ability to sense lies and deceptions from birth, it took her some time to realize that others cannot. Thus, she naturally shies from deception and finds it distasteful. It’s a high testimony to her skill that she becomes so good at deception despite or maybe in virtue of, this character trait. She must have suffered a lot from the tribesmen of her home for her “witch-like” powers because she doesn’t like to write about it, but it seems from the stories that her deception and guile comes from a paranoia and defense against others. At this point, she finds the Masters’ total obsession with secrecy to be highly suspicious and dangerous and the more she learns about them, the less she likes.

Fifth Entry

The Cloud King himself is a studious man spending most of his time in the library researching. He also has giant wasps trained as guards and mounts and the Coven would use them as transports on occasion. Even though he seems much more intelligent than Yearns, Eddy has noticed on more than one occasion that he would completely lose his temper and end up destroying some of the fragile scrolls and books in the library, after which he would sob childishly if he thought no one was watching.

The Cloud King taught her about wizardry and the outer worlds. He taught her how to contact the Goddess and see her wishes and designs. This was very difficult and frustrating and the Cloud King would scoff and ask her if she expected a Goddess of Secrets to be more forthcoming. She would have to travel deep inside herself, to swim in the oceans of her Goddess’ realm, in order to get even a sense of what the Goddess wanted and was trying to say. The most important thing that she learned from the Goddess was the wrongness of her fellows and it only confirmed what she had already felt from the beginning. Her Goddess told her that they were, indeed, uncoverers of dark secrets and had easily found hers and sought to exploit it, but not to bring the lost knowledge to light, but for their own selfish ends.

The Goddess told her that she was meant for important things, great things and that it may even mean her death. At first she was scared by the intensity of the destiny placed on her, but the Goddess assured her that even her death would not stop her. The Goddess’ Will was a river in a rainstorm and once the plan was set in motion, no dam could stop it. Her first step was to escape the horrible Coven who had taken her in, but not before she learned their secrets and their ways so as to be better armed. With each lesson she gained in skill if not outright power and felt that with the Goddess’ help, she was surpassing her masters.

Sixth Entry

Beckon taught her the arts of deception and illusions and how to make secrets as easily as Yearns could uncover them. He also taught her societal graces and other methods on blending in with any group of people. He said that these would be important skills to serve her Goddess. Beckon was definitely the cruelest of the three even though he hid it the best. Eddy always was most careful around him and rarely did anything out line from fear of him. He seemed to be the leader of the three, but only in his ability to out ego the others. His research seemed to be on the city itself.

She was restricted from wandering the city and when she learned how to go out on her own without alerting the others she found out why. There is some horrible beast, neither magic nor divine, but something worse that prowls the old ruins. She could not ask Yearns about it as he denied that the city was ever destroyed and she was too scared to imply to Beckon that she knew something forbidden, so she managed to trick the Cloud King into telling her that whatever it was, it had destroyed the city and the people in it long ago and was still here but bound to the city itself. He laughed at the old civilization and said that if they wanted to play with powers they didn’t understand, they should have built their houses on the ground.

Seventh Entry

Eddy began to uncover the Coven’s secrets. The first thing she learned was that they were in some kind of conflict and that they were training her to be a part of it. When they weren’t teaching her they would conduct research of their own into powerful magic and the places they were hidden. However, they didn’t intend to go get the magic for themselves, but rather to lay traps for some other group who they knew would be looking for it. She felt like it wasn’t divination that they used to find out what the other group would do, but rather they relied on spies and they would find these sought-after places faster using their magical arts over secrets and the lost. Frequently they would employ her own ability at finding lost places and at least on one occasion to took her to one of the places to find it just on the other side of the mountains in the Torn Lands. She knows that they have already laid a trap there and now, knowing what she knows of the Coven, fears for the people of that land.

There are many details about this place in the Torn Lands. It’s a crypt of some sort and there is something hidden there that the Coven’s rivals will be looking for. They raised powerful undead in the crypt so that when the next person comes looking, they will unleash an evil upon the land and if the undead kill the intruders, they will begin to fan out across the countryside. She asked why the Coven doesn’t just take the hidden thing for themselves but they just scoffed and said that such “earthly rewards” were beneath them and if the rivals finally got it, it would be of no consequence since they wouldn’t be able to use it without the others. Eddy used her gifts to try to figure out what it was that was hidden in the crypt and determined that it was some sort of key. She assumed that it must be to wealth, since the Masters taught her early on when she still trusted them that money was merely a tool to reach an end and not worthy of seeking for its own sake.

Eighth Entry

She never learned much of the other group except that all of the powerful magics that the Coven searched for seemed to deal with the Elemental Planes from the Beyond. The crypt’s key involved the Elemental Plane of Earth. She eventually learned that the other group would also eventually seek out this city for its powerful Air magic and the city was likewise being “prepared”. Just before she left she finally learned the identity of the other group, a Cult from the Torn Lands and Honor’s Stand that worshipped the Elements. She never found out why the Coven was in conflict with them.

Finally, the last thing she learned about the Coven was that they did not, in fact, serve the Goddess, Fathomless Deep, the Lady of the Lake, but rather a strange, mysterious God known as the Eyeless. He was also a God of secrets and the Coven would find lost power and claim it for themselves. Then she discovered the worst secret of all. The three Coven members had been hiding themselves in a powerful illusion to alter their appearance. They were in fact, all dead and animated by evil magic. They had learned to extend their life for eternity and it explained how they controlled the evil things that prowled in the city and the forest. They were working on controlling the horror that destroyed the city so that it would in turn destroy the Cultists they so despised, or rather, that their foul God despised.

Ninth Entry

Many of the excerpts talk about her travels into the ruined city but there are not very many useful details since the city was so dangerous to travel and she was not able to get very far. She mentions a few of the most notable buildings and towers, the Library, the Wind Tunnel, the Palace, the Temple. Except for just the places the Coven actually stayed, she couldn’t see much, except by using invisible bridges that linked many of the tallest towers together. She mentioned the terrible beast that she always stayed as far from as possible, as well as a troop of evil wild monkeys that roamed the unoccupied parts of the city. She mentions the giant wasps and the undead and invisible servants of the Coven. Beckon is usually in the Palace, the Cloud King is usually in the Library and Yearns is usually in a tower known as the Needle and Globe.

Also included in her notes are mentions of another secret place the Coven had been working on. They found a vault in the southern part of the Five Kings Mountains near Allshine that contained something very important to their God the Eyeless. They had arranged to send an agent there to investigate and had become very excited about it, even to the point of distraction from their original rivalry with the Cultists. They had attempted a scouting mission to see it for themselves but there had been some kind of trouble when they went to fly away with the Giant Wasps. All of the Coven seemed to be wracked with pain and confusion, except for Eddy and they found their way back to the landing platform. Once they were back inside the city they felt fine again, as if nothing was wrong. They all looked at each other very tensely and decided that they would investigate the “attack” but Eddy’s new honed sense for hidden knowledge told her that it was the city itself that had done something to them. She believes that they may be trapped here, at least for a time until they figure out the cause, and she saw an opportunity to escape.

Tenth Entry

The story ends with Eddy completing the initiation ceremony of the Coven, which she now knew would also initiate her into the service of the Eyeless. There were two important rites of passage to be inducted. First you must reveal a great secret, something that she was supposed to have been working on in her studies all of this time. The profundity and rarity of the secret would determine her “status” in the Coven whether she be placed high or low in a loose organization of individuals with no clear chain of command. The second was to then demonstrate a great power, usually what was learned from the great secret to be discovered. Eddy had decided that the secret and power that she had learned was her true purpose to the Goddess Fathomless Deep.

Eddy revealed the true nature and purpose of the Coven, stripping away their illusions and revealing their true undead form. The secret of the Coven itself was what she had discovered despite all of the attempts by the three Masters to hide it from her. Then she showed them the power of the True Goddess! She called upon the waters: the rain, the creeks and the river nearly a mile away from the city. As she called, the whole city began to flood with the waters pouring in from every direction all trying to reach her, their source, their daughter, their queen. Knowing that the Coven had no need to breathe and would not die from the divine event, nevertheless it gave her the distraction she needed to get away with her notes and her things.

She had no doubt that the Masters survived the flood and it is now long over, but she hoped with the strange inability to leave the city, that she had gotten away. All she needed to do from this point was to cloud herself from their long-range scrying magic and stay hidden. She crossed Midnight and made for the shore. Her first task would be to find the other agent of the Eyeless sent to the Vault in Allshine that was hidden and waiting to unleash undeath upon Cultists and any unsuspecting victims between.



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