Boar's End

Grung Knifetongue

Wherein the heroes are ambushed by a local menace, save a fox and find out just how bad an arrow in the chest hurts.

ToughBark told us the lore about wyverns. They are creatures like dragons, but smaller. They live in the highest peaks in the mountains. They hunt the forest for food. They fly over and snatch prey from the forest. If you hunker down, they usually just fly over.

The group is uncertain what to do, it is night and the shelter is ruined. Broken instructs the Stone man to hold up the roof and stand guard. The Stone Mane grabs a table and pushes it up against the hole in the roof, covering most of the hole.

Broken, Meander and Frog go outside to evaluate how late it is. Meander and Broken looks up at the sky and decides it is the middle of the night. Frog determines by looking at the stars that the Lioness is at the top of the sky, which makes it about 2pm. With a few hours left to rest, the party goes back to the hut to sleep. They wake up to the stench of soured wyvern corpse.

The party decides to get an early start towards the elder tree. ToughBark estimates that the tree is at least a day’s travel away towards the east by north east. There is a river to the north, and we are going to have to get close to it in order to get to the tree.

After a short time walking, ToughBark spots and warns the group about a gigantic snake. It is bigger around than our thighs. Frog goes up to the snake to try to calm it. The snake looks irritated and starts to crawl away in the other direction. He concludes that it is hot and doesn’t want to hunt during the day. The party moves on, snake unharmed.

Shortly afterwards, ToughBark spots a decent game track and group makes good progress for a time. A shadow passes over the group. Broken and Meander think they saw an extremely big winged creature fly overhead. Everybody hunkers down to hide. The shadow passes over again and the beating of the wings resonates through the group. The shadow passes over a few more times before everything goes quiet.

The group waits for a while before moving on. Toughbark shoos away a giant mosquito and continues on towards the tree. He begins to search for a new track when he begins to hear water gurgling. The group had veered too far north and come too close to the river and the river is a very dangerous place to be.

As the group is looking about, uncertain what to do, an arrow sprouts from Frog’s chest. He looks stunned, grasping his chest. Meander grabs Frog and moves him behind a tree for cover. Broken takes cover behind the Stone Man. Tough Bark also takes cover behind the Stone Man. An arrow whizzes through the forest and bounces off the Stone Man’s stomach.

Frog looks at the arrow and begins to cast a healing spell on himself. He casts the spell but doesn’t look any better. Meander looks about. He doesn’t see anything because the archer is beyond the foliage, but he has a good idea of where it might be. He leaves Frog and begins to sneak around, using the trees as cover.

Broken directs the Stone Man to move forward. “When you see someone not of our party, go closer to it and attack it.” The Stone man starts crashing through the foliage, only a bit louder than Meander’s sneaking. Broken chases the Stone Man through the woods. ToughBark moves behind a tree and looks about as well. He is unable to see the archer, but thinks he knows where it might be.

Frog continues to cast healing spells on himself. He pushes all his faith and might into this spell. He unleashes all his healing wrath upon himself and passes out from the effort.

Meander loudly sneaks further around behind another tree. He searches for the archer from this new vantage point, but not seeing anything takes a moment to try to conceal himself inside some bushes.

Broken catches up to the Stone Man and moves around beside the Stone Man while the Stone Man keeps plowing through the forest. Broken draws his sword and taunts the thing that’s hidden in the foliage and then leaps out of the way as an arrow lands by his feet.

Tough sees the arrow and moves quietly through the forest. The archer quickly sends another arrow at Broken and strikes him in the chest. Broken stands in shock at the blow.

Frog comes back to consciousness and takes several moments to recover from the spiritual exertion.

Meander sneaks around behind the Stone Man and sees the archer in the tree. Broken shakes it off and orders the Stone Man to attack the tree. The Stone Man slams into the tree. It shutters mightily and the archer grabs hold of a branch to steady himself.

ToughBark sneaks around and gets ready to shoot his bow. The archer glances around, seems to see everyone and gets ready to fire. The Stone Man slams into the tree again. It shutters and cracks. The archers grabs on again.

Meander takes out his whip and lashes out at the archer, wrapping it around his leg. He yanks him out of the tree and slams him against the ground. The creature barely seems phased by the impact. It is a green skinned ugly man with beady eyes and angular nose. Thick coarse black hair sticks out of the top of his head like boar hair. Teeth jut from his lips like tusks. The man is powerfully built.

Frog moves up to be able to heal Broken. Meander kicks at the gnarly man while he is still on the ground. It’s like kicking a rock with the leather armor and solid muscle. Broken draws his rapier and stabs at the gnarly man, but only nicks his hand as the man tries to protect himself. ToughBark readies an arrow and lets it fly, but the arrow deflects off the armor on the man’s chest.

The gnarly man drops his bow and takes out a wicked looking cleaver and swipes at Meander, barely missing him. Stone man swings his great sword at the man and misses.

Frog starts to heal Broken with a healing surge. Broken feels much better. Meander gets his dagger out and attempts to stab the gnarly man but misses. Broken lunges with his rapier and stabs the gnarly man in the head. The gnarly man goes down, unconscious.

The group talks about taking the guy alive, when the stone man slashes down with his great sword separating his arm from his shoulder.

After searching the man, the group finds 8 copper and 8 silver pieces of various minting. The man had a crazy looking cleaver and a huge wicked looking dagger. The heavy short bow was of high quality. The armor was badly mangled heavy studded boiled leather and animal hides.

Upon looking up, the group noticed a change in Frog. Frog has a green color to his skin. His face was flattened with mere slits for a nose. He skin looked slick and scaly. His mouth was stretched wide.

Naturally, the group felt uneasy about the change. Frog insisted that the change was a blessing from the spirits. He has a connection to the spirits of snakes and can sometimes take the form of a snake. He explained further that the change is temporary and usually comes in a time of distress, and that his connection with the spirits is stronger during the change and he is better able to heal.

The group hears a mewling sound from the north. They spot a fox hidden in a crude iron trap. Its hind quarters were firmly caught in the trap. The goblin had a clear line of sight to the trap. The fox was most likely bait, but they are certain they don’t want to see for what.

Frog goes up to the trap and doesn’t understand how it works and is unsuccessful at freeing the animal. Tough walks up to help and can’t get it open. Meander pries open the trap but can’t get the fox loose. Frog pulls the fox from the trap and Meander holds it open. The fox is badly hurt. Frog starts to healing surge the fox. The fox’s wounds close and the fox scurries away.

Frog senses that the group very uncomfortable and slowly shifts back to his normal form as he calms down.

After coming back to the creature, ToughBark tells the group that this creature is most likely the foul hobgoblin hunter named Grung Knifetongue. There is an award in the town for his capture, dead or alive. The group severs the hobgoblin’s head to take back to town.



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