Boar's End


Wherein the heroes arrive across the lake and find themselves caught in an old quarrel.

A shout rang across the ship. The boat was in sight of their destination, last docks up the river before the waterfall. It had been a rather uneventful trip. Several passengers had booked passage on a boat that was captained by a man who earned every letter of the name Temper. They were headed to Boar’s End, rumored to be at the edge of the wilds and surrounded by adventure. Each had their own reasons for the trip, and kept to themselves.

As the boat approached the docks, the group became anxious as the dock man wasn’t around and the fire on the shore was unlit. The marines on the boat bristled with alertness. Two of the passengers, Frog and Broken, felt something lurked in the various scrub brush that was scattered around the lone shack. Frog was obviously a foreigner to the region and dressed in humble garb. Broken was a dockworker, but dressed as a noble. The last passenger, Meander, stood in the starboard bow and starred firmly at the docks. He was a giant of a man, dressed in dusty peasants garb with traveling gear.

The boat brushed up against the dock as a small figure darted out from the bushes to the fire pit on shore. A blaze leaped up from the pit, illuminating the armed lizard like man. Several smaller creatures came out with bows to stand around the fire. The lizard-man yelled at Temper, calling him out by name. The other creatures lit their arrows on fire and loosed a volley at the people on the ship.

Chaos erupted on the ship, as several people on the boat were struck and in other places fires threatened to start. The crew quickly scurried about trying to put out the flames. Temper, Meander and the marines started moving for the docks in order to put down the creatures. Broken yelled something over the din and broken pieces from the large box in the center of the ship cascaded down a standing large stone man. The stone man, Broken and Frog also proceeded to the docks. As the group reaches the docks, more creatures appear at the south side of the house.

Temper, Meander, Broken, Frog, Stone Man and the marines go on shore. Temper move to attack the leader and is quickly surrounded. Meander charges for the southern group and tackles on of them, taking an arrow in the process. The rest of the group moves up to help Temper. The creatures focus their attacks on Temper.

During the confusion of the combat, Broken sneaks around to one of the scrub bushes and unleashes another animated creature… a shrubbery. Frog begins chanting in the back of the group, which motivates the groups animalistic side, causing them to fight with more vigor. However, Temper could only hold off so many attacks and eventually falls unconscious to an attack by the leader of the lizard man group.

Once Temper falls, most of the creatures turn to attack the Stone Man. As attacks rain down on the Stone Man, he seems to ignore blow after blow. Broken draws his sword and dagger and dispatches a few of the creatures around the Stone Man. Meander, after finishing off the remaining creature to the south, entangles a whip around the leader and yanks him away from the group. After trading a few blows with the Meander, the leader tries to run around the building to get away. Meander tackles him and the leader falls unconscious. As the leader falls, the last two creatures standing make a break for it. They are followed by two of the marines.



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