Boar's End

An Act of Kindness

Wherein the heroes rescue a nasty goblin and are surprised that it doesn’t eat them.

Broken said insistently, “You need to heal it,” pointing at the creature. The creature was dying, gurgling on the floor to weak to flee. It’s tentacled arms barely moved as Broken gestured wildly at it.

Song looks at the goblin and looks back at Broken with a blank stare. Broken keeps pointing to the goblin. Song moves around and wiggles the spear gently, but the creature howls in pain. Song begins to sing and reaches over to touch the goblin as he yanks the spear from its back. It screams and jumps to the wall, running up the surface to reach the rafters and swing into the shadows. Song backs up to the door. Broken looks startled and backs up too. The creature seems to be trying to hide in the rafters. Once over by the door, Song begins to sing to Broken and heal his wounds as well.

The silence afterwards is broken by the kids screaming. Song and Broken rush into the room. Broken exclaims, “What are you doing??? Why are you screaming?”

Red looks lost in thought. He was listening to vibrations from afar. He had just heard something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Meander takes a moment rest and then starts to look around the room and gather gear from the fallen Kobolds. The slaves only had crude pickaxes, but the Foreman had a decent steel mining helmet and a high quality military pick.

Red starts running just as they hear Broken scream, “OH MY GOD, there are MORE frogs! Get back over here!” Meander takes off towards them as well. Broken commands the golem to let Meander and Red by first, and then to follow them into the room.

The kids move back towards the wall with Kitten in front, wielding a table leg threateningly. Broken casts a spell, gesturing towards a torch.

A mounted Kobold trails two Slurks coming from the northern tunnel. The Slurks had entered the room and were moving slowly. The Kobold yells something unintelligible and the Slurks turn, one towards Meander and one to Broken.

Everyone hears Meander yell from the storeroom to the west, “Come on men, TO ARMS! Hurrah!” Meander looks confused and says, “Whaaat?” Pauses staring at the storeroom, not sure what to expect. ToughBark looks confused as well, and positions himself in the back to wait and see what happens.

One Slurk hops in front of Meander and spits some nasty goo at him. He cries out in surprise and jumps out of the way.

The other Slurk, with one of the dead Kobolds on its back, slides directly towards Broken and disrupts his spell. Broken dives out of the way, just before the Slurk reaches him.

The remaining Slurk is carrying a living Kobold. The rider directly him quickly into the room and immediately up the wall to the ceiling near the corner. The rider draws his crossbow and fires upon ToughBark, striking him in the leg as he was trying to move for cover.

He then yells something else at the frogs which seems to make them react, and reloads the crossbow amazingly quickly and fires again at ToughBark. Tough jumps to the side and manages to dodge the bolt this time, but only just.

Red digs through the solid rock at his feet and pulls up a small boulder. He throws the rock at the Kobold, but it explodes off the wall beside the Kobold.

Meander pulls out his axe and strikes the Slurk in front of him in the shoulders, causing it to spasm and slump to the floor.

The Slurk Wrangler directed his mount along the wall to the southern corner, still in the rafters. He has his crossbow loaded again and looses a quarrel at Red, who takes minor blow to the stomach.

As Song begins to sing, Tough Bark turns, draws and fires at the Slurk next to him. The arrow strikes the Slurk in the forearm. Meander runs over and leaps across the crater in the center of the room, moving up next to the mounted Slurk. The Slurk still clutches at the top of the wall, towering above Meander, too far to reach with the axe. He begins to get out his whip as he watches the Slurk Wrangler. Out of the darkness of the rafters, Meander spots something dark, slinky and menacing is hiding above the Slurk in the shadows.

Broken launches his ruined dagger through the air. It dances around the Slurk and nicks it in the chest. Red forms another boulder and barely misses the Slurk, fortunately missing everyone else.

The rider take aim down at Meander, somehow with another quarrel loaded, and then drops his crossbow and grabs his neck. He quickly disappears up into the shadows, only his feet still visible kicking in the darkness.

The Slurks both start running away towards the northern tunnel. Stone Man marches over and plunges its sword through one of the Slurk’s stomach, skewering it. The other Slurk slides away out of reach.

The Kobolds feet kick for a bit more, and then goes still. A crunching noise can be heard from the darkness of the rafters. Meander walks over and activates his Dark Sight, and the lights in the room shift wildly. In the brightness of the rafters in the ceiling, a tentacled creature is eating the Kobold. Unwilling to watch the creature eat, he lets the shadows resume their former gloom. Meander directs the children and the others to back away from that corner of the room.

Song checks on the others. He inspects Red’s chest wound from the pickaxe and amazingly manages to knit the wound closed, leaving only a superficial wound. Tough Bark begins to feel weak, followed shortly afterwards by Red. The quarrels must’ve been poisoned.

Broken goes to help ToughBark and cries out. He works on Tough and appears to have extracted some of the poison. Song heals the wounds after the poison was extracted. Meander goes over to help Red. He sucks out some of the poison, but Red still feels weak. He pulls a potion out of his pack and quaffs the potion, hopefully nullifying the poison, and doesn’t seem to get any weaker, but also doesn’t get better. Song heals his wounds afterwards as well.

After everyone seems to be taken care of, they see the creature slinking back to the storeroom, carrying a Kobold leg. Meander asked tentatively, “Um… What was that?”

Broken answered informatively, “That was the little guy that we probably saved. He’s creepy looking, but he was hurt by the Kobolds. I made a judgement call and asked Song to heal him. I thought he might be a good ally against the Kobolds.”

“What, enemy of my enemy?”

“Yes, Exactly.”

“Well, do you know what is in that room besides the creepy tentacled guy?”

“Just boxes …. and the tentacled guy.” Broken pauses for a few moments and the adds, “I don’t think it would be a good idea to go in there. He seemed really freaked out when we healed him.”

“Yeah, especially since he would probably eat us.”

“That remains to be seen, but let’s go find the remaining kids.”

“Well then, I would recommend that we travel up the northern corridor.”

The group talks for a bit about the passage north. Meander explains to the group about the Slurk lair to the north with the stairs leading downward. They also discuss if Stone Man can actually fit through these narrow passageways. After a short discussion, they decide to sneak around first. Red and Meander have a brief sneak-off and Red wins.

Red creeps up the northern passageway. The roof is wider than the narrow passage below. The passage opens above him. As he sneaks along, he can hear two Kobolds in a whispered furious debate above. “Bad Bads”, “Killing Slurks”, “Let’s Run” are snippets he picks out of the strange language. As he sneaks along, the passageway get tighter, even for Red. Stone Man would never be able to squeeze past. He feels the vibrations of the Kobolds moving to the north, away from the group. They are no longer talking, but moving slow and stealthily. Red slinks back to report to the group. “There is a fork to the north than Stone Man couldn’t fit through. There is another passage too that opens up. Just remember there are Kobold ahead, and something that would eat us behind.”

Meander, “Yes, there are Kobolds basically in all directions ahead.”

They decide to move back to the mining room. Before they leave, Meander goes back to check on the Slurk Wrangler. He uses his whip to pull him down from the rafters. He finds three old silver coins, a high quality stone hand axe, a light crossbow made of very hard wood and bronze, a small quiver of ten bolts, one that looks unusual, and a small leather pouch fill with goop. None look Kobold made, except for maybe the goop. He gathers up the items and hurries to catch up to the group.

He catches them in the mining room. He calls out to the kids, “Did you come up from the dungeon?”

Kit answers, “We just ran. The only time we went up was to crawl through the crevasse.”

Red peers about. “The crevasses is likely south of us.” There is a small passage leading south from the mining room.

They continue northward, squeezing through the narrow twisting passageway. The kids begin to complain about being left in the dark. They give Jabs a torch, which he proceeds to light.

The hallway opens into the Slurk lair. The walls and floor are covered in a grey slime that resembles mucus. There is a passageway leading down stairs to the north. There is a passageway to the south that is fairly narrow, even for these narrow passageways. The group entered through the tunnel on the southeast side. The Slurks in the room grumble at the back of the room and move up on the walls near the ceiling.

The kids do remember coming through here. Jabs had slipped on the slime and skinned his knee. They think this may be the point where Hauler was caught. He was snared by one of the chain whips.

Red and Meander decide to do some scouting. Meander leaves the glowing battle axe with Broken and activates his Dark Sight. Red is humming almost inaudibly. They sneak quietly down the passageway. A narrow passage splits off to the south, but the tunnel seems wider above. Meander lifts Red up to the passageway above, where the Kobolds were hiding. Meander follows, slowly climbing up the wall to the passageway above, on the opposite side. There were plenty of handholds in the roughly carved tunnel. The ledges above are very small and don’t lead very far.

Red whispers, “I felt another impact tremor from far east. A creature with hard hooves, maybe like a horse, stomping around.”

“Why would there be a horse down here?”

“I said, maybe like a horse.”

The passage south leads to the well chamber. They climb down and sneak further west. The narrow tunnel opens into a long cave with openings in the north, south, east and west walls. As they sneak around by the entrance to the cave, Meander notices a Slurk hiding and waiting in the far side of the room.

Meander taps Red and waves his hands indicating that there is a hopping creature on the far side of the room. Red cocks his head at Meander. Meander, puzzled, taps Red again and waves his hands again, making the hopping motions.

Red leans in and says quietly, “What?”

Meander whispers very quietly, “There is a Slurk waiting on the far side of the room.”

They head back to the group to report.



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